Xbox One X is Off to a Good Start: 80,000 Units Sold in United Kingdom Week 1. Microsoft's Console Sales Match the Nintendo Switch Launch Numbers and Beat PS4 PRO.

Some good news for Microsoft today. Although there are not many exclusive titles on the horizon for the Xbox One (X), at least the sales numbers for their latest console seem to be quite good. The first week sales of Xbox One X is over 80,000 units sold in the United Kingdom.

Retailers have shared data that reveal that Microsoft’s new super-powered console has sold as many units in its first week as Nintendo Switch did in March (hardware figures are up-weighted 20%. Xbox One X raw data is at 67,000).

It’s first week sales are also well ahead of PS4 Pro, which did a little over 50,000 back in November 2016. Indeed, it took PS4 Pro four weeks to reach the same number.

Of course, stock shortages of both PS4 Pro and Switch will have impacted the performance of those machines.

The majority of sales were for the special Project Scorpio version of the machine.

It’s a pleasing performance for Microsoft, which has had a quiet year in terms of new Xbox products so far.

The best-selling Xbox One game of the week was Call of Duty: WWII, followed by Assassin’s Creed Origins (which was promoted with the system), FIFA 18 and the Forza duo: Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3.


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