WWE Items Added to Rocket League During Special Events. Xavier Woods and Jeremy Dunham explain.

Wrestling Entertainment enjoy playing the vehicular soccer-style video game Rocket League. Now, special items are being added which coincides with the huge events throughout the year.

This weekend is WrestleMania 34 which introduces the first new items. To obtain them, fans have to keep their eyes on the show and/or the Rocket League Twitter account for a keyword. Then, enter it into the game and you’ll receive some of the customizing items which consist of banners, flags and wheels. Watch out for more big WWE moments this year such as SummerSlam for a chance to earn more fun decorations.

The video above features WWE’s Xavier Woods playing Rocket League with vice president of publishing at Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham. Learn more details by watching that or checking out the official website. Wrestlemania 34 airs April 8, so be sure to follow all the action!

Source: Hardcoregamer.com

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