WWE 2K18 Vs. WWE 2K17 Comparison Images Show Amazing Difference.

Check the comparison images between WWE 2k18 Vs. WWE 2K17 above and below. The brand new graphics engine is showing a noticable improvement in the latest version of the game.

Some more info:

With the WWE franchise going through some changes in the last year, WWE 2K18 plans to give the game series some major upgrades and rebalances in an effort to–as the McMahons like to say–do what’s best for business. Publisher 2K Games held a special development summit where they revealed more information for the upcoming title in the WWE 2K series. Speaking with executive producer Mark Little, we learned what’s in store for the WWE franchise’s next foray into the gaming world.

Incorporating years of fan feedback to the upcoming title, including a substantial change in its visuals and mechanics, 2K claims that WWE 2K18 is the most realistic and comprehensive wrestling game to date. Unfortunately, the developers weren’t able to share too many details about the game in its present state, but they did give us a rundown on the general features and upgrades coming up. With a reworked graphics engine, new modes and story for MyCareer, an expanded creation suite, 8-Man battles and match types, and enhancements to the grappling system–WWE 2K18 is looks to be a big change for the series.

With the recent brand split and roster shuffling resulting in some majors changes to the different WWE divisions, such as RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and the 205 Live brands–many storylines and plans for the weekly shows went through some substantial updates. Because of this, the WWE Universe mode in 2K18–which is a simulation of the televised WWE schedule–has evolved out of the static storytelling of its predecessors. Moving away from the format of one pay-per-view every four weeks of live-shows from previous years, the general progression in 2K18’s changes to Universe mode intends to be much more fluid and organic, featuring a lot of surprises to match the current pace of WWE’s TV and PPV schedule.

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WWE 2K18 Vs. WWE 2K17 Comparison Images Show Amazing Difference. Due To Brand New Graphics Engine.

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