Some Of The Worst Games Ever Made.

When it comes to video games of the past and how much we have advanced over the years to present day with virtual reality headsets being somewhat of the future where the majority of tech companies. The history behind video games have their ups and downs – especially with music artists getting into the gaming industry. With any terrible game that comes out always makes for a good time, as there are usually funny animations and bugs that come with badly coded video games.  So, what are the worst video games of all time?

Horse Racing 2016

Although the age of the game being relatively new, it received not so great reviews on Steam. The idea behind the game was to have the player racing in the championship – the intention the developers had was that anyone that was wanting to feel like they were in the real championship, but that was not what players actually felt – some reviews said that the animations are stiff and not fluent and the graphics are from the 90s. there nothing much like the real thing as it seems, with helps & tips from Timeform for the Royal ascot and real horse racing.

Gaelic Games: Football

It seems the Irish wanted to take a stab at video games with their sport; Gaelic Football – the game that is extremely different than traditional football. But as it’s a very niche market it, but didn’t do too bad in sales. It was supposedly outselling Call of Duty in its Christmas 2005 pre-sales. Despite the game being release on PS2 – it was said that it felt like an old Atari or PS1 demo, which wasn’t the best for customer feedback and with players of the game saying it looked awful, sounded repetitive and with a clunky main menu.

Michael Phelps: Push the limit

Michael Phelps in his prime was a prestigious swimmer, but not so much his game. Push the limit was release on the Xbox 360’s Kinect, which was Microsoft new innovation to motion detection. With the Kinect camera you had to make the swimming movements for the character in the game to move forward, to eventually win the game. Unfortunately, the game made players look silly by having the frail around your arms to hopefully win, it didn’t really resemble swimming.

Charlie’s Angels (2003)

After the film’s success back in 2000s, the studio wanted to expand the series by making a video game. The game didn’t do too well, especially with the developers of the game, Neko Entertainment. Their idea was to combine both films into one “full throttle” video game – they seemed to miss the concept and the character animation was slow and sluggish, especially in cut scenes. The game was semi-free roam that allowed players to run around a small area fighting off enemies that came in your way with very basic fighting styles. Let’s just say it wasn’t a home-run like the movie.

Rambo: The Video Game

The most famous and career starting film series was Sylvester Stallone’s; “Rambo”. The films huge success sprung a video game that had the player fighting all kinds of bosses and enemies. The game was solely based on three of the Rambo films and was released in 2014 – which was a good era for decent looking games graphics, but not Rambo. It was essentially a movie, but worse visuals and directing as the game was entirely on-rails and time events only, which was not emerging. That led to terrible reviews as the player could of just watched the film and be just as interesting.

50 Cent: Bulletproof

Let’s start with music artist 50 cent, – Curtis Jackson, or mostly known as his stage name ’50 Cent’ was approached by Vivendi Universal games to make 50 Cent: Bulletproof. The third person shooter which featured 50 Cent’s crew, G-Unit which are all familiar faces from Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck with Eminem as the detective. The video game has the player on the quest for revenge as he is seen shot multiple times in the starting sequence. The game would go on to make a sequel which involved more updated movement and a less enhancing story.

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Some Of The Worst Games Ever Made. What are the worst video games of all time?

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