Why Gaming Is The Future Of The Social Media App

Over 85% of people have a social media app on their phone. Yet 2020 saw a huge rise in mobile gamers, and now almost a quarter of all iOS and Android app downloads are for mobile games. Gaming has become the new way of socializing, with a huge range of gamers spending hours in multiplayer universes like Fortnite. Read on to find out why gaming is the future of the social media app.

Gaming Is Now A Social Activity

In the past, gaming was viewed as a solitary activity, where a lonely individual would spend hours playing alone in their bedroom. Yet now multiplayer games allow groups to share strategy, win battles, and form relationships together. Whole YouTube communities have sprung up over game live streaming, while platforms like Twitch or Discord have evolved almost exclusively over the need to connect while gaming


Social Media Influencers Are Gaming

Social media influencers have exploded in popularity across all social media platforms. Yet the rise of the gamer has created a new brand of influencer: the gamer. Stars like Markiplier have dominated YouTube with millions of subscribers. His videos are focused around the scariest games of all time. Gaming influencers have successfully carved their own niche in social media.


Gaming Is A Huge Industry 

Gaming as an industry is projected to bring in over $180 billion in 2021 alone. That’s a huge draw for companies like Alphabet (Google) and Meta (Facebook) to tap into, with a huge customer base to reach and engage with. In comparison to the growth of gaming, the traditional social media site could be said to be in decline. The uptake of teenage and young adult users on Facebook has declined annually since 2019.


You Can Become Successful

Professional gaming is now a legitimate income stream with thousands of tournaments, testers and champions played worldwide. If you’re smart enough to tap into the success of social media and professional gaming, you’re undoubtedly onto a winner. Now gamers have learnt how to create a social media app, there’s a definite industry niche to make lots of money and success. People are no longer looking to Facebook as a template, but huge gaming successes like Fortnite or Animal Crossing.


Finding Your People

Gaming platforms allow you to engage directly with people that enjoy the same games as you. You can share hacks, walkthroughs and livestreaming with fellow gamers. If you follow a particular gaming influencer, you can engage with them during a livestream and feel like part of a larger community. The evolution of gaming has allowed the stereotype of the lonely gamer to evolve into a participant in an active and vocal community.


Gaming is on the rise, and traditional social media platforms need to evolve to meet the demands of the younger generation. As multiplayer gaming is only set to expand, it’s easier than ever before for users to connect while playing. With the development of gaming platforms like Twitch sharing livestreams and walkthroughs, even sites like YouTube might just have some competition.

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Why Gaming Is The Future Of The Social Media App

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