What’s in Store for Maplestory 2 for the Remainder of 2018 and Beyond?

Last month, there was an announcement for a revamp of certain game mechanics in MapleStory 2. As the New Year quickly approaches, bigger and better things are planned for the game. What are these plans? We’ll see in the next sections!

Expect many quality-of-life improvements and more cool features to come to MapleStory 2. Those who buy Maplestory 2 mesos will find it more difficult to do so, but rare equipment will be so much easier and more efficient to get with these upcoming changes. There’s also the Sky Fortress and new items to look forward to.

Without further ado, here are the planned changes for this month to next year.

Planned Changes

Gear progression has been reformed. Now, dungeons have different Gear Score entry requirements, and difficulty level now varies from dungeon to dungeon. Also, instead of all dungeons sharing the same pool of potential rewards, different dungeons now reward those who brave them with different gear.

The reason for this change is the too wide pool of items players can receive from completing a dungeon. It forces the players to run a quick and easy one repeatedly to get certain pieces of equipment instead of doing the more challenging dungeons. The changes would help with the variety of available and viable dungeons to do, and players don’t have to farm the same dungeons for equipment they want.

The Chaos Raids also get a somewhat similar change, as well as a ‘Normal’ mode. The Normal mode is an easier iteration of the ‘Hard’ Chaos Raids, but it rewards less stuff and the time limit is still the same.

There will also be new instruments, some skill changes, and PvP mechanics.

Maplestory 2 in 2019

More content is planned and is launching as early as the second week of January. They’re also looking for ways to streamline progress for players, and discussing key improvements for next year. An expansion is also in the works, but more details on that will be revealed when the new year arrives.

Other things to look forward to are an improved housing UI to make decorating and house customization easier, more UGC weapon templates, and more plans to address security concerns.

But before that, players will have to do with waiting for these updates. While waiting, they can enjoy a Holiday Giveaway until the 31st of December. It includes a Full Epic Set Gift, an Enchanting Gift, Gemstone Gift, and a Bonus Attribute Gift. All of these give a variety of useful consumable items or equipment. If you don’t want them, some can be sold to other players if you want to. Lastly, Fragment Fusion will be on discount until the end of the month.

So players, look forward to what’s in store for Maplestory 2! Improvements and new content are coming your way, which are sure to increase your enjoyment of the game. Enjoy the holidays and Maplestory 2!


The plans and upcoming updates and events for Maplestory 2.The plans include how to prevent those who buy Maplestory 2 Mesos from doing so as well as other security concerns. There’s also the streamlining of player progress, and a revamp of the dungeon mechanics. Continue enjoying the game!

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What’s in Store for Maplestory 2 for the Remainder of 2018 and Beyond?

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