Watch Team Gameplay for SEGA’s Team Sonic Racing

It looks like the “team” in Team Sonic Racing isn’t just for show. SEGA released a new trailer today showcasing several of the team-oriented moves players will be using to support their team and take home the gold. Based on what’s shown here, lone-wolfing it isn’t a very good strategy.

In Team Sonic Racing, players win by working together with their teammates. Sometimes it involves taking out a rival car using an item box Wisp. Most of the time though, players support teammates by performing Skim Boosts, Slingshots and Item Switches. Skim Boosts give struggling teammates and extra boost of speed by narrowly passing them. Slingshots give one a boost after drafting behind a teammate, and performing an Item Switch sends an item to any teammate on the track. Teams had better make full use of these moves, because the opposition won’t give any slack.

Team Sonic Racing launches for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One this winter.


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