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Job Title: Founder / Editor in Chief

Name: Brian

Nickname: Beast

Contact Information:

Profile Link: Beast


I grew up in the days the NES and the SNES dominated the game industry. Two consoles that I hold dear. It was the start of my sincere interest in gaming and the game industry as a whole. By now I’ve enjoyed video games for more than two decades and still do so with great passion on any possible platform.

I played on many consoles that are now considered museum pieces and even touched upon the Atari 2600 in my youngest years. I’ve finished the first GTA, owned the first Playstation, the first Xbox and played Half Life when it was not yet considered a myth under gamers (where the F*&ck is Half Life 3?) Damn… I start to become old.

Anyways, you are probably wondering why I started and where we want to go as a team. Well, to learn more about our ambition please read our view and goals on the Ambition page. But in short: I started this website because I miss the focus on gameplay by game developers and the honesty and criticism by game journalists in this fast changing industry.

So why not create a place myself where I can engage with fellow gamers in the comments section and the forum? A place where I can review and rate games according to my own standards (yes VGVIDS still rates games, and Gameplay counts double). A place I hope gamers love to spend time on to watch game videos, to read articles, and to earn Tokens for some competitive fun or to buy bonus content. So that’s what the team tries to accomplish now. This website is created by Gamers with the goal to make the get-go place for Gamers. With your help we can turn into the Greatest Gaming Community on the web!

Game Out…not Over,




Names: George, Vincent & Rose

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CactusThemes has 10 years working-experience in the web industry and develops fully-working solutions for site makers. Without a question I recommend you to work with CactusThemes in case you consider starting your own website. Feel free to send in your technical related questions via the Contact Us page. We are happy to share our experience. Or contact CactusThemes directly via the above provided contact information.