Top 6 potential locations for Rockstar’s upcoming game Grand Theft Auto 6.

With the huge advances in the 4 years since GTA 5’s release, GTA 6 is going to be special. We’ve started imagining where GTA VI could be set.

I’m a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto; I remember playing the demo for the original GTA on the PlayStation with my best friend after school. We’d replay that 5-minute demo until it started getting dark and it was time to go home. Running over conga-lines of Elvis impersonators never got old.

There have been incredible advances in video games since 1997, and GTA 5 has been the most amazing reimagining of the formula yet, with the success of GTA Online putting it in pole position over the standalone DLC originally planned. But, GTA V was originally released on September 17, 2013, engineered to work on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Imagine what would be possible today.

Let’s turn to GTA 6, shall we?

To collate this article I have scoured forums, Reddit and the bowels of Digg to determine the most suggested location. These are the most popular likely destinations:

1. London (Now)

GTA has revisited Liberty City and San Andreas, but London remains and important part of the GTA history that remains untouched. London was used as the location of 1999’s Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, an expansion to the original GTA.

With a top-down perspective, the DLC added to the template created by the original, adding some famous landmarks and a classic taste of British entertainment ripped straight from classics like The Italian Job.

But, imagine revisiting London, this time in a fully 3D rendition? It wouldn’t even need to be a true to life scale copy of the British capital; Rockstar is brilliant with creating reasonably sized locations that feel massive. Throw in a few famous locations, and the ability to snipe from the top of Big Ben, and we’ll have everything we need.

Rockstar would be tempted to go back to 1969, after all, they’d get to use a bunch of the same bad gags, bad accents, bad fashion and, well, bad everything that makes that era so memorable and iconic. But, part of me would love to explore London now. Modern double-decker buses, modern underground trains and stations, modern police (maybe let them use guns, though?). It would make the game less cheesy and provide much more longevity. I’d buy a 1969 DLC, though.


2. Vice City (Now)

Vice City, based on Miami, took gamers back to 1986, creating the best Scarface game ever (even better than the Scarface game). I loved rolling around Vice City in my ice white suit, open collar, hood down, kicking it to Michael Jackson.

While it would be great to revisit in this era, it would also be great to visit, you know, today. Miami is a wonderful place, but with its own crime problems. It would be awesome to play a kingpin from the 80’s, who has just been released from prison, trying to reclaim his place in the city.

Los Santos has beaches lifted right from Los Angeles; the beaches would make equally beautiful places to explore. Plus, with the added technical capabilities of 2016/2017 and beyond, the sand could behave more realistically, bullets could kick dust into the air as your modified Sabre gets…crap, stuck in the sand.


3. Russia: St. Petersberg/Moscow

Russia is a country steeped in history and with a distinctly different culture to the rest of the world. The opening stages of GTA V implemented snow fantastically and it would be a dream to drive through Moscow under a layer of snow, building an empire of drugs, murder and vodka. Lots of vodka.

Let’s hope that Moscow is in better shape than in Metro 2033…



4. Far East: Tokyo/Hong Kong

So, Yakuza have Tokyo, Sleeping Dogs had Hong Kong…but, could Rockstar do it better?

China and Japan have their own culture and traditions, which could be brought into a whole new light with the GTA formula. You could play a fugitive immigrant trying to make his name in Tokyo, fresh from America. Struggling with the language barrier, racism and the lack of prospects, you turn to the only thing you know; crime. It would be awesome to take the Yakuza on, rather than playing them.


5. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil; known for crime, but also a beautiful city. The balance between the wealthy and those living in poverty has created a huge divide, one which could be exploited to dramatic effect in the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Rockstar did visit Sao Paulo in Max Payne 3, and the areas it displayed were absolutely mesmerizing; having the complete city to explore would be incredible.

Playing a young man rising from poverty to wealth via the criminal underworld would be a fascinating story, and then seeing how someone from such humble beginnings would use their newfound power would be equally interesting.


6. Paris

Paris; The City of Love. A truly beautiful city, with a mixture of modern and historical structures similar to London. Wide highways give way to narrow side streets and cramped alleyways; the perfect locales for a getaway following a high-speed pursuit.

It is hard to explain the aura of Paris without taking you there in person (one day, I promise), but the French capital would be the perfect location for a Grand Theft Auto video game. Throw in some references to real-world events gripping every city in Europe, increasing forced migration, immigration and the threat of terrorism, and Paris could become a very sinister bed for the action to follow.

So, where would you like to see Rockstar take Grand Theft Auto 6? Or, do you have any other suggestions?

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Top 6 potential locations for Rockstar’s upcoming game Grand Theft Auto 6. It is now 4 years since GTA 5’s release... time to speculate about GTA 6!

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