Top 5 Best Weapons In Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 has a fantastic array of weaponry that can be molded into different play-styles. The variety that Nintendo offers is fantastic and it is a facet that makes the game so enjoyable. There’s a weapon for every situation and each offering a distinct advantage and disadvantage. There’s the rapid fire guns that are fantastic for close range combat and inking area. The rollers are fantastic in advancing quickly into enemy territory. Chargers are great for holding a choke point and picking of Inklings from high ground and so forth.

With so many to pick from, it can be a little daunting to pick the right weapon. No need to worry, I got your back. I will share my opinion on what are the best weapons in Splatoon 2. This is based on my personal preference and experience, and what i have found to be effective in the current meta game. If you don’t have your weapon of choice please don’t take too much offense to it. This is just my opinion.

You can recommend your favorite loadouts in the comment section below.

Note: I’ll be updating the article with more weapons when new content is released and more playtime.

Splattershot/ Tentatek Splattershot

My absolute favorite weapon at the moment is the Splattershot and in my humble opinion is the best all-round weapon in the game. The Splattershot is a well balanced weapon with good damage, good range and good rate of fire. What I like about the Splattershot is that you can change your game plan depending on what the situation and team demands. It’s effective to cover area with ink if your team is behind. You can go offensive as it absolutely fantastic holding ground and routing enemies. Moreover, Splattershot effective beats out most common weapons in turf war in a neutral exchange. It out ranges the Aerospray MG, Duelies, Brushes, Spattershot Jnr, Rollers and Sloshers. The Tentatek variant is the superior loadout with the Splat Bomb and Inkjet combination. From my own experience, I get on average 10- 13 splats per game with the Tentatek Splattershot.

N-Zap 85

The Splattershot Jr and the Aerospray are not as good in Splatoon 2 in comparison to the first game. In close combat exchange the Sloshers, Duelies and Brushes are highly effective against these two weapons. It’s very difficult to engage in an exchange against a player with longer range weapon. If you looking for a rapid fire weapon, I highly recommend using the N-zap 85. It has a great rate of fire to cover the arena with ink efficiently and much better range than the aformentioned weapon. Moreover it is a lot better in dealing with the prevalence of the Aerospray MG, Rollers and Sloshers in Turf War.

Splattershot Pro

A weapon with great range and damage output, viable for both Turf War and Rank Battles. Covering turf isn’t your primary objective with this weapon. Rather, you should aim to provide offensive support by picking off opposing Inklings, routing enemies and holding a choke point. Essentially your goal is to suffocate the opposing team and hold their advances. Like the name suggests, this loadout is more suitable for experienced and advanced players, requiring a tactile mind to use effective.


In my opinion, the rollers aren’t quite as good in Splatoon 2. I think they are vastly outclassed by the rapid fire weapons and brushes in close combat encouncters and spreading Ink. Moreover, they are so easily to pick off from a distance. Which is why I tend to lean to the brushes over the rollers. My favorite is definitely the Octobrush. It’s mobility and relatively good range is effective for close combat encounters. From my own experience, I find it very easy to close in and catch opponents off guard with a surprise splat. If your team has stage control, you can go to town and absolutely destroying the opposition. When I’m in a roll, I can go consecutive games with 13+ splats.

.52 Gal

Arguably one of the best weapons from the original returns in Splatoon 2. While it has received nerfs, the .52 Gal is still a weapon to be reckon with and it should absolutely be respected. From optimal range it only takes two shots from the Gal to splat an inkling. The downside to the loadout is the slow rate of fire rate, high ink consumption and relatively anemic sub/special weapon combination. I found that the .52 Gal is particularly effective against Duelies if you are able to track there movements well.


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Top 5 Best Weapons In Splatoon 2. Only on Nintendo Switch

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