Tips And Tricks For Streamers

For anyone who loves to spend their time in the evenings playing games, it has likely crossed your mind once or twice to film your gameplay and share it with other people online. Sure, you likely won’t become like PewDiePie overnight, but it can still be a great idea to share your love of gaming with the people around you. Here are some of our top tips for you if you are looking to stream your gaming online this year.

Keep your energy up

Depending on the type of game you’re playing, you could end up stuck in front of your computer or console for quite some time. This is why it is super important before you sit down to start your stream that you have enough energy to keep up with the game for a while. A good idea would be to have a strong coffee with you and keep this by your side when you need it, and you can also use this Gaming Supplement or things like energy drinks for a quick boost.

Come armed with snacks

Gaming is tiring work and after a while you will start to become a little drowsy and your energy levels will drop. This is why it is always a good idea to bring some snacks into your gaming space and have these on hand when you need them throughout your session. You’ll not only keep your energy up but it will satiate your hunger and allow you to keep playing for longer.

Create good lighting

Whenever you are planning to be in front of a camera it is incredibly important that you check your light source and sit somewhere where you will get a decent amount of natural light. Think about sitting near to a window if you can, but if not just make sure you have some bright lights in the home which will illuminate you for a better quality video.

Have enough storage

There is nothing worse when gaming than realising that you don’t have enough storage on your machine to save the game. Be sure before you start a stream that you check your hard drive and transfer things over to an external hard drive if you need to. This will free up a lot of space for you and will allow you to keep gaming and having fun for hours.

Stay hydrated

It is incredibly important no matter what you do with your time that you always take the time for a drink of water. Our body needs water to function properly and it will not only help our reactions but it will help to keep our brain concentrating and our eyes seeing clearly. Be sure to have a water bottle or two by your side to make sure you stay healthy.

Choose a game you love

When you are looking into gaming for the first time online in front of people, it is tempting to look at the trends and try to find whichever game is the most popular at the moment. The only thing with this is that you won’t necessarily end up playing a game you love and this means you can end up getting bored. No one wants to watch someone play a game they don’t enjoy and it will be clear to people that you would rather be doing something else. Be sure to choose a game you genuinely love and play this in front of your followers because this will make all the difference to the way you are seen online. If you are seen to be genuinely having fun with your gaming, more people will want to tune in and watch you.

Challenge friends

If you want to make a stream a little more interesting for your watchers this week, why not try inviting your friends over and getting them to play against you? Giving the world a bit of friendly competition can always be a great way to win the hearts of your viewers and they will root with you for you or one of your friends. There are some great multiplayer games out there to try and things like Mario Kart will always be a classic option to put yourself against your friends. Gaming with a group of people can make your stream more exciting and unpredictable and it can be a good change of pace from what you normally do.

Have fun this week and get streaming, and don’t forget to have lots of food and water with you!

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Tips And Tricks For Streamers

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