The Future of Gaming?

If you were to google ‘gaming,’ the images that you will be most likely to see are those of people wearing headphones, staring at a screen, with a remote control in hand. Does the image conjur up something that seems a little disconnected from the rest of the world? But in actual fact, when it comes to gaming, things are changing. The games that people are playing are changing, and the future of gaming is changing.

The gaming industry was reported to have generated around $135 billion last year alone, so there is no getting away from the fact that it is a massive money maker. But in the process, it is reshaping societies, as places like ancient cultures and war-torn regions around the world, are making tech giants need to adapt. So here is what the future of gaming looks like, and what could happen as a result.

Gaming and Investing

If you want to make money through gaming, then there are some ways to do that, though it can be hard for many people to breakthrough to do so. Another alternative is by investing in gaming, which means you are still making money or generating an income through gaming, just in a different way. There are investment sites that believe that esports and video games are the future of live media, sports and entertainment, so as a result, will offer you shares of things like esports ETF, for example. So if you are thinking the same and want to get a slice of the investment in gaming financial pie, then this is something that you’re likely to carry on seeing.

Games for Fun

Believe it or not, there are some games that we play to lose; they’re called ‘fumblecore’ games for a particular reason! These kinds of games are set to be big, as they are a genre of games that are basically impossible to win at. They can have clumsy consoles and some random scenarios, but really, it is all about adding in a fun element of gaming, and exploring the fact that it is all about playing, rather than the winning. So really, could be quite a refreshing change in the industry.

Games are Growing Up

Since the by-gone days of Italian plumbing brother rescuing princesses from gorillas, the narratives in video games have all been quite similar, and have all been quite straightforward. It has always been the case that players will control a hero (in the majority of cases that is a man), and they have the task to rescue a princess or some other female until things are saved. Things are changing, though, and games are growing up, as they keep up with modern times and start to abandon some long-held tropes. Many studios are developing games that start to move away from the themes of masculinity, so that they can offer more nuanced narratives, and deal with emotions as well. Of course, this isn’t going to be everywhere, but it will be something we start to see more of.


The Future of Gaming?

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