How Tech Has Changed Gaming.

As you will already be well aware, the advancements and improvements that have been made in technology in the past few years have made a huge impact on all our lives. And there is no doubt that the world of gaming has come on leaps and bounds. But sometimes, it is worth taking a step back to consider just how much has changed. That is exactly what we will be doing in this article. The next time that you are playing your favorite game, hopefully, you will appreciate all the advancements that have been made just a little bit better!

Artificial Intelligence Has Become So Advanced

Some forms of artificial intelligence have been around since the earliest days of video games, but as time goes on, it is getting to the stage when they mimic human behaviour better and better. So, in days gone by, as soon as you worked out how the computer operated, you could find a shortcut of how to defeat them. But things aren’t quite so easy anymore, which certainly helps to hold your attention for a longer period of time.

Of course, gaming developers aren’t done yet, and it looks set that artificial intelligence will continue to advance year on year. Of course, there has been a huge trend towards playing games online with real people as this gives your gaming experience another dimension, but when you are playing through a one player game, you want the computer to throw plenty of challenges your way.

The Wonders of Online Gaming

We have just mentioned online gaming, but it is worth going into detail about just how much it has changed all kinds of games. The shelf life of your average video game has increased massively, as you can always face different challenges from players who take an entirely different approach to the game. Not only can you play with your close friends from wherever you are, you also can take on players from across the globe.

And with massively multiplayer online role playing games, you can play with or against countless people all at once. For example, World of Warcraft has over 8 million players who are all occupying the same universe at the same time. This is an incredible thing to think about, and just a few years ago, this would have seemed like a total impossibility. There have also been advancements to other types of online game like casino games – click here to read a BitStarz review. But technology has made this happen and gamers all around the world should rejoice!

Entering the Third Dimension

Though 3D games have been around from the 1980s, they simply were not capable of doing what games developers can do now. Never before have online worlds looked so incredible, and with each generation of game console that is released, things just keep getting better and better. Of course, there has always been a balance which needed to be struck between making games look as good as possible without crossing over the line towards making them ‘too realistic’. However, it is a fantastic challenge which games developers have presented for themselves.

Back in the days of two dimensional games, there was always going to be a limit that was reached of how much you could realistically do with them. However, when it comes to the third dimension, it seems like the possibilities are endless. Of course, the future seems to be pointing towards virtual reality as a way of making games even more immersive, and it is obviously very exciting to see where this new direction is going to take us.  

Graphical Wonders

Let’s face it, the old games like Pong weren’t all that much to look at. And once you had set a basic graphic format like that, there wasn’t really much that you could do to advance it all that much. The complicated shades, textures and colours in gaming were still to come. However, there is no doubt that they are here now, and we can certainly celebrate this fact. In days, gone by, computer systems had limited processors, and there wasn’t all that much that they could do do make things better. These days, each new generation of a video games console brings advancements and opportunities for game developers to continually do things better and better.

Convenience and Portability

The modern world has a major focus on convenience, and console developers know that they have to find ways of making video games more accessible to more people. Of course, this idea has been around for a long time. Many of you will be able to remember the days of playing Pokemon on your Game Boys! However, nowadays, console developers have found ways of packing a lot more into small packages. Not only this, the advent of smartphones has meant that people walk around with devices in their pockets capable of playing games at all times. People who were not all that interested in games in the past have now become part of the target market for developers who are looking to draw in a bigger audience.

Total Immersion

There was only so much that the games of the pas could do when it came to immersing gamers in the experience. Games which had limited functionality had nowhere else to go. However, in the modern world, the focus is very much on creating worlds which give gamers the freedom to makes their own choices and establish their own direction. Many games are now not set up with just a single storyline which can be followed. They are all about player choice. Another aspect of the immersive experience is based on the improvement of graphics which we have already discussed. These are the kind of games in which you look up only to realise that hours have passed already.

Though there is plenty more that we could talk about, these are just six of the huge improvements which modern technology has made to the experience of gamers. First of all, you have the vast improvements in artificial intelligence which have meant that you are playing against computer systems which behave more like humans, and therefore the challenges that you are facing are much greater. Coupled with this is a vast improvement in online gaming, linking you up with your friends and players from all around the world.

Obviously, 3D graphics are nothing new in the world of gaming, but they are becoming better and better with each new generation of games console which is released. And no longer is gaming considered something which is just for kids. The improvement in portable games consoles and smartphone games have done a lot when it comes to bringing games to the wider public.

Finally, technology has done so much in helping games to become totally immersive and bring people into new worlds like never before. So, games have hugely long shelf lives where once upon a time they would have been discarded much more quickly.

However, it doesn’t stop here. All of the advancements which have been made in the past few years look to be just the beginning. You will probably be able to read a similar article in 10 or even 5 years time which details the advancements which have been made in this time. Virtual reality seems to be an area which is receiving a lot of attention recently, and when it comes to immersive gaming experiences, you can’t really get much better than this!


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How Tech Has Changed Gaming. What have we Achieved, where are we Now, and where are we Going?

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