Take Your Love of Gaming to The Next Level: Start a Blog!

Gaming is a fun way to pass the time, socialise with friends online and generally relax. However your love of gaming can also earn you some cash too, you don’t even need to be a top level supergamer and achieve lots of sponsorships either! Instead, you can start a blog where you get to share your views, knowledge and passion and in time will earn money from it too. Eventually it could even become your full time source of income, many bloggers who once started as hobbies now earn a significant amount of money from their site and have been able to give up their day job. Here’s how you can go about it.

Secure your domain

Your first step to starting a blog is to come up with a catchy name that hasn’t already been taken. Don’t just go with the first thing you can think of, spend time throwing ideas around, brainstorming and speak to others to get their views. Once you’ve come up with a name and have checked there’s an available domain available, secure it and link it to the blog platform you’re using. This will make you look more professional and increase your chances of getting paid work later down the line. Lots of advertisers will only work with bloggers who have their own domain.

Get your site designed

While content is king, the way your site looks is also incredibly important. A badly designed site will not only put off readers but also advertisers, reducing your chances of paid work. No one wants to pour their efforts into creating informative blog posts, just for no one to read them because the site looks poor visually. Your best bet is to purchase a template online which looks smart and is responsive, or pay for it to be designed by a professional if your budget is bigger. A nice looking site can motivate you to want to blog, and you’re more likely to attract readers too.

Decide on the topics

There are so many elements to gaming, a smart move would be to come up with a list of categories you plan on writing about. That way you can label each post as you write it, and everything will be neatly categorised on your site. Categories could include console gaming, PC gaming and apps and casino games such as onlinecasinocarnival.net. You could also talk about tech in general, and the devices used for playing these games. You could talk about ways to monetise from gaming and so much more. Having these categories set out can help you to think up post ideas too.


Once your site is up and running and you’ve got content published, your next step is to promote. Utilise social media, and ask friends and family if they will promote your posts too. Network and chat to other bloggers so you can support each other and cross promote content. You could guest post on other sites with a link back to your own, which can help to boost domain authority as well as introduce you to the websites readers. Promotion is key so don’t overlook this!

If you want to get more tips from the founder of VGVIDS.com, please don’t hesitate to fill in the form here with your questions. We’re more than happy to help you on your way to succesfully start your own gaming blog!

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Take Your Love of Gaming to The Next Level: Start a Blog! It isn't Easy, but with the Right Mentality and Support you can Do It!

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