Super Lucky’s Tale on Xbox One X: True 4K At 60 Frames Per Second? Digital Foundry explains.

Watch Super Lucky’s Tale on Xbox One X. Is it true 4K At 60 Frames Per Second? Digital Foundry explains in this video.

One of many Xbox One console exclusives announced at E3 2017, Playful’s Super Lucky’s Tale was one of the few titles at the show we can confirm running on Xbox One X hardware. It’s targeting native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, it’s running on the Unity engine and it’s a complete, standalone sequel to an Oculus Rift exclusive. Consider us intrigued.

We rather liked the original Lucky’s Tale – it was an attempt to modernise the classic N64-era platform game, transplanting the classic gameplay formula into virtual reality. Maintaining the traditional third person viewpoint, the player viewed the world from a lofty, almost god-like perspective. Actual utilisation of the perspective in gameplay terms was limited, but ‘presence’ in this landscape was a compelling experience – especially in terms of the occasionally epic view distances you could achieve by looking around the in-game world. And this is an interesting challenge for Super Lucky’s Tale – how does a virtual reality game cope, ripped away from its VR underpinnings?

Playful’s approach with the sequel is simple – it concentrates on improved visuals, vastly improved level design and richer gameplay. To illustrate – in the original game, disappearing down a stump (Lucky’s equivalent to a Mario tube) would warp you to a bare-looking underground environment with some coins to pick up. Based on the 15-minute sampler we played, Super Lucky’s equivalent populates these levels with more interesting level design and more stimulating challenges – like taking on mini-bosses, for example.


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