How To Stop Sucking At Online Multiplayer Games

Online multiplayer is a central feature of so many games these days. Single player experiences are still popular and a lot of people do prefer them but when it comes to shooters, racing games or anything else competitive, it’s all about the online multiplayer. Just look at the recent success of Fortnite, for example. If you get in on the ground floor when a game is new and everybody is still finding their feet, you might have a chance of doing alright. But if you come to a game late and everybody has already unlocked some high level gear and had a chance to get to know the maps, you’ll struggle. You’ll last about 30 seconds before somebody shoots you out of nowhere. Some people experience this even if they come to a game when it’s first released. If you’re used to playing single player games where you’ve got a bit of breathing room to work out what you’re doing, being chucked in at the deep end on an online multiplayer can be a bit overwhelming. You might just give up on it and go back to single player but the online experience massively increases the playability of a game, especially as new content is being released all of the time.

If you’re struggling to get to grips with online gaming, practice is obviously key. But it’s so frustrating to play a whole match without surviving more than a few seconds, so you should use these tips to help improve your skills.

Watch Streams

Streaming services like Twitch have so many great channels for pretty much any game out there. The people that are streaming themselves on these channels are usually very good at their chosen game so they’re a great source of information. Spend a bit of time watching them and try to see what they’re doing right. For example, if you’re playing a shooter, there are certain areas of the map that are going to be danger zones where people can easily kill you. Knowing which direction to head in when you spawn is pretty basic information but you might not necessarily work it out for yourself if you haven’t played the game much. Watching streams will also give you an idea of where people set up camp and where you’re likely to get shot from. The loadout options on shooters are pretty complex these days and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re probably making bad choices. Seeing how the pros set up their loadout can give you a bit more direction.

Get Some Headphones

The sound on video games is incredibly detailed and it can actually help you to be a better player. For example, on Call of Duty games, you can hear the footsteps of enemy players nearby. But if you’re listening through TV speakers, you probably won’t pick up on that kind of stuff. That’s why you should get some decent headphones to play with. Noise cancelling ones are the best because they shut out any distractions from the outside world so you can focus exclusively on the game. Here is some more info on the best noise cancelling headphones that you can use for gaming. Things move fast in online multiplayer so complete concentration is absolutely key.

Get A Headset

Headphones are good but if you’re playing games like Rainbow Six Siege which require a lot of teamwork, you’ll need a headset. It’s important that you’re able to relay your position to teammates and discuss a strategy in real time based on what the enemy team is doing. Even if one member of the team doesn’t have a headset, the whole team will struggle to coordinate properly. Being able to chat to more experienced players and ask for tips is a big help as well.

Improve Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and fast decision making skills are essential if you’re going to be good at multiplayer games. For example, do you charge headlong into a room or do you move in slowly to check whether anybody is hiding in there? This is particularly important in games that have a strong focus on teamwork and strategy. If you can improve your critical thinking skills, you’ll find it a lot easier to do well in online games. Once you start thinking critically about the game, you’ll find yourself making a long term strategy rather than charging blindly into another player and getting killed immediately.

Play Against Bots

If you’re really struggling to practice because you can’t survive for long enough to take more than a few steps, you might want to consider playing against bots. Not all games have this option but there are a lot of games will allow you to set up a game playing against the computer. It’s probably going to be pretty easy because AI is nowhere near as clever as a real person, but it’s a good place to start. It gives you a chance to learn the controls properly without getting killed immediately and you can also explore the maps without the added pressure of getting shot at. Playing against bots also gives you a bit more room to try out different weapon combinations and see which ones work best for you. It’s still going to be a steep learning curve once you get online and start playing against real people but you’ll be able to pick up the basics in an easier setting.

You can do all of the practising you want and spend ages watching the best streamers for tips but it’s all for nothing if you’re playing on a bad internet connection. Picture the scene, you spot an enemy up ahead and start shooting. All of a sudden, the game lags and before you know it, you’re shooting into thin air and the enemy pops up beside you and blows you away. It’s the most frustrating thing in the world and you’ll never have an enjoyable experience playing. If you’re going to get into online gaming, you need a decent internet connection first.

Online multiplayer can be hard to get to grips with and it’s a steep learning curve but if you persevere, there are hours of endless fun to be had.

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How To Stop Sucking At Online Multiplayer Games

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