Stock Market Battle of the Giants: Nintendo Is Now Worth More Than Sony.

After struggling in recent years and having to endure the flop of their home console the Wii U, Nintendo seems to found back its lost mojo. Nintendo has surpassed Sony today in terms of its current market capitalization on the stock market.

According to industry analyst Serkan Toto, the current market capitalization of Sony currently stands at USD 46.3 billion. Nintendo’s market capitalization is 9 billion Dollars higher than Sony, at USD 54.6 Billion.

With a higher market capitalization, this means Nintendo is now worth more than Sony (which includes all of its divisions including gaming) on the stock market. Market capitalization is the total value of a company’s outstanding shares.

This piece of good news comes after Nintendo saw its share price hit a 9 year high. Nintendo’s share price has been increasing rapidly since the release of Nintendo Switch, showing that investors have confidence in the company’s products, long term strategy, and their profitability. Also, their miniaturized consoles are doing very well sales wise.

Let’s hope Nintendo can continue to bring us good news. As long time Nintendo fans, the VG Team hopes Nintendo will continue to strive for greatness while keeping the focus on gameplay.

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Stock Market Battle of the Giants: Nintendo Is Now Worth More Than Sony. Nintendo certainly is Back in the Game!

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