Spice Up Your Lunch! Great Games To Play On Your Lunch Break

In the words of the esteemed poets Blink 182 “Work sucks, I know!”. Was there ever a more succinct anthem for our times? Probably! But that doesn’t change the fact that many of us work criminally long hours, enduring enormous stress and fatigue while taking home a pay packet that’s barely able to keep the roof over your head. No, you’re not being paranoid. That’s the economy conspiring to keep your wages down to insulate the profit margins of your employers. Still, at least you find some solace in those few minutes of downtime where you’re able to snatch some much needed rest, relaxation and recuperation in the middle of your busy working day. We’re talking, of course, about the hallowed institution that is the lunch break. As luck would have it, it’s scientifically proven that playing games in your lunch break can be a great stress buster and can even help you to make money in your free time.

If, however, your lunch break has become a tad dull of late, here are some great games to help you to add some spice to your lunch…


Online betting can be a fun and surprisingly lucrative way of gaming your lunch break away while also making a little extra lucre from your luck. Online casinos have to be verified to ensure that they are as safe and secure as a physical casino (and it won’t even matter what shoes you’re wearing, you’re guaranteed to be allowed in). Usually you will have to put some money down before you start spinning those roulette wheels, but with these NJ no deposit vouchers you can start gaming straight away. It’s just one of the ways in which you can make some money from playing games.

Blockshot Revolution

A good game for lunchbreak gaming needs to be short, simple and self-contained so that you don’t feel cheated when you have to close down and go to work. Yet, it needs to be engaging and enjoyable. Blockshot Revolution by British developer Foxhole games is a fun and addictive way to test your sense of timing and geometry. It’s an extremely simple but surprisingly addictive mechanic that will make for some enjoyable breaks. Available on iOS and Android.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Back in the day, this classic RPG garnered rave reviews from within and without the Star Wars fan community. It’s a fantastic game originally released for X-Box and PC and later ported to iOS and Android. It has an immersive and engaging story that will make your lunch breaks seem to fly by. If, however you’re looking for a Star Wars game that’s less involved, try Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes, a game that focuses more on turn-based combat.


If you prefer your games fast, brutal and frantic, the Indie darling Bastion makes for a fun way to spend a few minutes battling a range of exquisitely designed enemies. It’s light on story, big on action and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

So long as you have a mobile device, you should never, ever have to settle for a dull lunch break.  

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Spice Up Your Lunch! Great Games To Play On Your Lunch Break

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