Sonic looks much better in New Trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog the movie! Finally Creators start to listen to the Community...

Ok, so the first Sonic trailer was a nightmare. Sonic was capital-W Wrong in far too many ways to count, and that’s ignoring that the movie itself didn’t look particularly… good?  Watchable?  Non-wretched?  Everything came together in a storm of Why!?, with the result being the movie getting pulled and reworked.  The movie’s story may be done, too late to change now outside of editing, but the hideous Sonic-beast was given a mercy-killing, and the sweet release of death has made room for a much better CGI model.  The new Sonic looks like Sonic, and somehow that makes the rest of everything a little better.  It also helps that the new trailer comes after we’ve all had a chance to get used to the movie being your standard “wise-cracking kid-friendly hero makes a human friend and insufferable enemy” plot, with the mental callouses working to relieve the generic-ness of it all, but even so I’ll admit to laughing at a couple of bits in there.  I like dogs, so no apologies for that one, but Jim Carey screaming a compliment somehow worked and the opening shot of Green Hill Zone was a thing of beauty too.  God help me, I’m going to see this thing in the theater.

Sonic the Hedgehog hits theaters February 14.  Take a look at the new trailer below to see the revised and infinitely-improved Sonic.

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