SNES Classic Mini pre-order – Update.

UPDATE THREE: SNES Classic Mini pre-order stock has now completely sold out on the JB Hi-Fi website.

The Australian and New Zealand retailer become the first online store in over a month to have SNES Classic Mini pre-order stock available.

The stock was available for a few hours – longer than most stores have pre-order stock available for – before eventually sellng out.

JB Hi-Fi offered international shipping, so some lucky SNES Classic Mini fans in the UK and America could have reserved a unit today.

UPDATE TWO: It’s been almost two hours since SNES Classic Mini pre-order stock became available on the JB Hi-Fi website, and there is STILL some stock available.

However, the stock checker on the product page shows the amount of SNES Minis they have has gone from “100% stock” to “LAST CHANCE”.

The retailer, based in Australia and New Zealand, offers international shipping – so UK and US gamers can order a unit today and it will be shipped to their address.

UPDATE ONE: Around an hour after SNES Classic Mini pre-orders first became available on the JB Hi-Fi website, there is still stock available.

Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition pre-order stock is still going strong at the Australian and New Zealander retailer’s online store.

Their stock levels for the product though has gone down “100% stock” to “almost gone”, so if you want to pre-order a unit you better act fast.

JB Hi-Fi do offer international shipping, so if you’re in the UK or US looking for a SNES Classic Mini pre-order you can purchase a unit from the retailer’s website.


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SNES Classic Mini pre-order – Update. Stock becomes available again after long dry spell.

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