Samsung Galaxy S8 (Review Eurogamer)

In terms of PR nightmares, releasing a phone that could potentially explode ranks pretty highly. The fallout from the high-publicised recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has done a fair amount of damage to the reputation of the South Korean tech giant, but consumers are quick to forgive and despite its woes. Samsung is set to overtake Apple for the first time in terms of profitability – and that’s thanks in no small part to its phenomenal success in the smartphone arena. Still, there’s no denying that something truly special was required to cleanse the bad taste left by those flaming Note 7 handsets, and the result is the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s flagship phone for 2017.

The big news here is the much-hyped Infinity Display, which fills almost the entire front of the device, right the way up to the edges. The upshot of this is that Samsung has crammed a 5.8-inch screen on a phone which, in terms of dimensions, it only slightly bigger than its biggest rival, the iPhone 7 – which has a display which is more than an inch smaller from corner to corner. The 2960×1440 pixel Super AMOLED panel has a rather unique aspect ratio of 18.5:9 but this isn’t an issue during typical use, as you’re getting a taller image which is handy when scrolling through apps like Gmail and Twitter. However, it does mean that 16:9 content like movies is displayed with black borders down either side.

Samsung has ditched its “Edge” sub-series this year, largely because the standard S8 and larger S8+ have incorporated the features which made those older devices unique. It’s possible to have a sub-menu of shortcuts and functions mapped to the extreme edge of the display, which curves ever-so-slightly around the side (but not as noticeably as on Edge phones). One of these allows you to create an animated GIF by selecting and recording any part of the screen, which is one of the most insanely useful features we’ve yet seen baked into a smartphone’s UI – assuming, like us, you’re addicted to sending reaction GIFs to people on Twitter. The S8 is currently the only smartphone which carries certification from the UHD Alliance to state that it conforms to the Mobile HDR Premium standard, and it’s relatively easy to see why; contrast and brightness of this panel are simply stunning, keeping Samsung at the vanguard of mobile display tech. This is simply the best in the business.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 (Review Eurogamer) To Infinity and Beyond

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