Runescape: The Theatre of Blood & Things You Need To Know

A dark cloudy presence creeps over the distant horizon. And from the looks of it, it isn’t for the faintest of hearts. Do you think you’re up for the challenge? Welcome to your last act. Welcome to the Theatre of Blood OSRS exclusive. With the recent release of the OSRS Theatre of Blood this summer 2018, we can definitely say that it is an OSRS update that deserves notice. It houses OSRS’s deadliest warriors and the fiercest of monsters, filled with unique creations and adrenaline-pumping puzzles.

What is Theatre of Blood?

Long ago, the dreary Sanguinesti region of Meiyerditch was ruled by Queen Efaritay. Truth be told, their family owned these lands for decades. But suddenly, a war broke out with Lazy Verzik and her vampyre army, bringing trouble and mayhem around them. In a flash, Queen Efaritay lost her throne and a new express emerged. Cast from pure evil, Lazy Verzik seeks continual entertainment that tests the strength of any self-proclaimed adventurer. Tired of the usual entertainment, she has made her private stage which is what we now know today as The Theatre of Blood.
The Theatre of Blood is located deep in the heart of Morytania, it is boldly constructed beneath Ver Sinhazas castle. There are a few options on how to get there. For one, you can teleport using Drakan’s Medallion or walk through the maze-like town of Meiyerditch. As an alternative, you can pay 10k OSRS gold to the NPC Andras and journey to Slepe, and then walk south.

Raids 2: Bosses, Supplies, and Death Mechanics

You didn’t expect Lady Verzik to pit you and your team against a roster of undead cows and chickens now, did you? Raids 2: Theatre of Blood unleashes an array of unique bosses and mechanics to learn and ultimately conquer, testing not only you and your team’s skill, but also your diligence. The Theatre of Blood is a linear raid. Therefore, there is no randomization involved, and the bosses will always be encountered in the same order.

From the first encounter to the final boss:

1. The Maiden of Sugadinti (level 940)
2. Pestilent Bloat (level 870)
3. Nylocas Vasilias (level 800)
4. Sotetseg (level 995)
5. Xarpus (level 960)
6. Verzik Vitur (level 1040)

If you’re familiar with OSRS Raids, consider this the pinnacle of OSRS raid challenges. Once your 3-5 man party takes the stage, teamwork becomes the key to survival. Skilling is not allowed, and Lady Verzik provides you with barely enough supplies throughout your performance. Therefore, what your team brings determines how long your show plays on. Wear your best gear and carry a plethora of potions and food to ensure a successful campaign.

The new OSRS update delivers a unique death system. If players die within the theatre, they are placed outside the fighting area where they will have to wait for their teammates to defeat the boss. A dead player can only proceed if other team members succeed in completing the current challenge. In case the entire team gets killed, players will lose all unprotected items; these can later be reclaimed from a storage chest for a cost of 100,000 Old School Runescape gold. Untradeable items that are normally kept on death will be placed in the item reclamation chest upon complete team death in the theatre. If, however, players die a second time without reclaiming items in the chest, they will be permanently lost. This is unless the death occurs within a mini game deemed safe, such as Pest Control.

Dying in the Theatre of Blood is a perilous way to go – Hardcore Ironmen who die within the theatre will lose their Hardcore status, regardless of whether the team successfully completes the challenge or not. Any instance of a disconnection or logout during a fight is treated as a death, and will likewise result in loss of Hardcore status.

Risk and Reward

Upon defeating Verzik Vitur, the final boss, a trapdoor will open under her throne, leading to her treasure vault. There, you will see five large chests, enabling each player to loot as he or she pleases. An arrow will point to which chest is for that player to search. As you know, the most gripping old school challenges deliver the finest rewards. And these powerhouse bounties are no exception. You can get to have things like Bastion and Battlemage Potions, as well as the Vial of Blood. Other rare rewards include weapons and equipment such as the all popular Sanguinesti staff, Scythe of Viturm, Ghrazi rapier, Avernic defender hilt, and the Justiciar armor set. There are also rewards such as a clue scroll and lil’ zik which aren’t sold in the market and are only obtainable through the Theatre of Blood.

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Runescape: The Theatre of Blood & Things You Need To Know

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