tries to be more than just your source for game related news. We like you to become part of a growing gaming community. It’s our ambition to become the Greatest Gaming Community on the web and for that we need your help. To make engagement more fun and to bring some competitiveness to VGVIDS, we introduce several types of rewards down below which you can earn as a signed in user. After all, what is a game related website without some game elements built in?

VG Tokens

Tokens can be automatically earned or manually rewarded.

Automatically earned Tokens:

Registering | 50 Tokens | 1x / Welcome Present

Signing in | 25 Tokens | 1x / Day

Post View | 10 Tokens | 5x / Day

Page View | 15 Tokens | 1x / Day

New Comment | 20 Tokens | 3x / Day

Forum View | 20 Tokens | 1x / Day

Topic View | 15 Tokens | 4x / Day

Creating Topic | 10 Tokens | 2x / Day

Topic Reply | 5 Tokens | 3x / Day

New Friendships | 80 Tokens | 3x / Day

Ending Friendships | -25 Tokens | Don’t be socially awkward | Deducted each time

Profile Avatar Upload | -150 Tokens | Stick with a personality and deal with it | Deducted each time

Sending Private Message | 20 Tokens | 1x / Week

Form Submissions | 10 or 25 Tokens | 1x / Week

Manually rewarded Tokens:

The VG Team can decide to manually reward Tokens to users that send in links and video URL’s via the SUBMIT VID button in the header menu (dropdown menu in mobile view). Depending on the mood of the reviewing team member and the value of the link / URL for VGVIDS, the amount of rewarded Tokens can be anywhere between -100 and 5001. Yes, also manually awarded Tokens can be deducted in case the content of your link or URL entails an unprecedented level of stupidity. The same accounts for users that break the House Rules in which case deducting Tokens can be one of the punishments. Respect our VG Authoritae! Besides submitting content via the above route, all forms of engagement on can be rewarded with Tokens by VG Team members.

Hidden Tokens (Coupon Codes):

Somewhere on you can find a Coupon Code which you can enter in order to earn a shitload of Tokens. We’re not going to say the amount or where you can find it. Gamers can figure it out… or they cheat. Whatever suits you best, good luck! Occasionally we’ll share new Coupon Codes. The more you’re active, the less you miss! We’ll share most Coupon Codes via our Twitter account. Please click on this little bird to stay in touch and miss nothing:

What can I do with Tokens?

Ranking Level

VGVIDS has a Ranking Level system based on the amount of Tokens you’ve earned. Once you achieve a certain Ranking Level you can’t lose your Ranking Level anymore, even when you reduce the amount of Tokens in your account. This means for example that if you transfer Tokens to fellow users this will not impact your Ranking Level. You will keep your level of seniority.

Ranking Level overview:

Rank: Level 0 (Newbie) | 0-249 Tokens

Rank: Level 1 (Explorer) | 250-399 Tokens

Rank: Level 2 (Stickarounder) | 400-699 Tokens

Rank: Level 3 (Veteran-trainee) | 700-999 Tokens

Rank: Level 4 (Veteran) | 1000-1999 Tokens

Rank: Level 5 (King of Gamers) | 2000-3999 Tokens

Rank: Level 6 (Gamer Emperor) | 4000-9999 Tokens

VG (Token) Ranking

However, lowering the Tokens you have in your account does impact your VG (Token) Ranking. In the footer of the website you can see the Top 3 Users with the most Tokens in their user accounts. As a signed in user your own position compared to all other users will be displayed right underneath the Top 3.

The competitive element we mentioned earlier comes here into play. By being an active user on you can earn Tokens automatically or be rewarded them manually, which will help you to increase your VG (Token) Ranking. On the Rankings page you can see the full overview of users and their (Token) Ranking position. It is possible you see users with less Tokens, but who are being displayed higher up on the page. This is because this page shows you the Token Ranking per Ranking Level. Users that transferred Tokens to other Users, will lose their Tokens, but not lose their Ranking Level. The Ranking page starts with displaying Users of the highest Ranking Level on top.

Bonus Content

Live is full of choices. You can either save your Tokens to increase in VG Ranking, or you can be kind to others and transfer Tokens in case you like their contributions on the site. A third option is to spend your Tokens on Bonus Material. Via the Bonus Material page you see an overview of images with header titles that give away a glimpse of what you can expect in case you decide to buy the bonus content. Depending on your funds and log in status, one of these three messages can be shown:

  • Insufficient funds: The bonus content is too expensive in terms of Tokens. Keep earning.
  • Sufficient funds: The price of the bonus content will be visible. Press the button to unlock.
  • Visitors Message: Bonus content is only for users, please register to enjoy the content.


Of course you can earn various kinds of Badges on Down below we show you an overview of the Badges you’re able to earn depending on certain achievements. For each Badge there are 3 classes: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Badge: Good Samaritan

This Badge is earned through sharing my friend. Transfer Tokens to your fellow Gamers and get this Badge in return.

  • Good Samaritan | Bronze | 2x Token Transfer | Bonus: 10 Tokens
  • Good Samaritan | Silver | 4x Token Transfer | Bonus: 40 Tokens
  • Good Samaritan | Gold | 8x Token Transfer | Bonus: 80 Tokens

Badge: Idle Mind

This Badge is earned by changing your Profile Avatar way to many times. What’s wrong with you? Accept who you are and make sure your fellow gamers get used to your face!

  • Idle Mind | Bronze | 2x Avatar Upload | Bonus: -50 Tokens
  • Idle Mind | Silver | 6x Avatar Upload | Bonus: -250 Tokens
  • Idle Mind | Gold | 10x Avatar Upload | Bonus: -1000 Tokens

Badge: Buddy Owner

This Badge is earned by making buddies. Multiplayer is the way to go!

  • Buddy Owner | Bronze | 2x New Friendship | Bonus: 40 Tokens
  • Buddy Owner | Silver |6x New Friendship | Bonus: 70 Tokens
  • Buddy Owner | Gold |12x New Friendship | Bonus: 120 Tokens

Badge: Popcorn Time

This Badge is earned by viewing content. Your engagement is rewarded. Have some popcorn and enjoy the vids!

  • Popcorn Time | Bronze | 5x Viewing Content | Bonus: 20 Tokens
  • Popcorn Time | Silver | 40x Viewing Content | Bonus: 60 Tokens
  • Popcorn Time | Gold | 300x Viewing Content | Bonus: 180 Tokens

Badge: Login Fetish

This Badge is earned by logging in on the website. If you do something often and you like it too much, I guess you can call it a fetish.

  • Login Fetish | Bronze | 3x Logging In | Bonus: 30 Tokens
  • Login Fetish | Silver | 30x Logging In | Bonus: 300 Tokens
  • Login Fetish | Gold | 300x Logging In | Bonus: 3000 Tokens

Badge: Commenter

This Badge is earned by placing comments on the website. We appreciate your contributions in transforming VGVIDS in an active Gaming Community.

  • Commenter | Bronze | 5x Approved Comment | Bonus: 25 Tokens
  • Commenter | Silver | 10x Approved Comment | Bonus: 75 Tokens
  • Commenter | Gold | 15x Approved Comment | Bonus: 110 Tokens

Forum Stars

Forum Stars can be obtained by our most active Forum contributors. The more Topics and Replies you post, the more Stars you can obtain.

1 Star   | Up to 5 Forum Posts

2 Stars | Up to 10 Forum Posts

3 Stars | Up to 15 Forum Posts

4 Stars | Up to 20 Forum Posts

5 Stars | Up to 25 Forum Posts

6 Stars | Up to 30 Forum Posts

7 Stars | Up to 35 Forum Posts

8 Stars | Up to 40 Forum Posts

9 Stars | Up to 45 Forum Posts

10 Stars | Up to 50 Forum Posts

11 Stars | Up to 55 Forum Posts

12 Stars | Up to 60 Forum Posts

13 Stars | Up to 65 Forum Posts

14 Stars | Up to 70 Forum Posts

15 Stars | Up to 75 Forum Posts

16 Stars | Up to 80 Forum Posts

17 Stars | Up to 85 Forum Posts

18 Stars | Above 85 Forum Posts