Are You into Retro Gaming? Then We Recommend You to Check Out this Stylish Looking Retro Game Console: Hitbit. 80's Kids Will Appreciate this Italian Take On Retro Gaming.

Yu Hiraoka, product designer of company: Design of Things, approached VGVIDS with the request to cover their upcoming video game console: Hitbit. Design of Things is a start-up retrogaming design brand based in Milan and their team is working hard on Hitbit to have it in production January 2018. At the moment they’re in the funding phase and after looking at their awesome project we at VGVIDS are more than willing to help them reach their goal! Above you can see their video explaining their vision for Hitbit. For the readers, check their info down below:

Retrogaming is trending in the game industry, and many adults who used to be gamer kids in the 80’s are out there today waiting for a new old-school game machine in their living rooms.

Playing retro games was easy and simple in comparison to the contemporary video games with their advanced technologies and over-complexities. While those new video games keep attracting many people today, there are also some people who appreciate simplicity and “classiness” of the retro games, like many people today still prefer music such as The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

That is why we decided to give retrogaming a new look with quality material and modern design, yet maintaining its vintage feel.


And we powered it up with the newest hardware and wireless capabilities: HDMI, bluetooth, wi-fi and 2400 MIPS CPU. All of them with hassle-free configuration and the possibility of emulating thousands of classic games available in single/multi-player mode. It also integrates with modern wireless joypads.

Curious to see more? Please visit their company website or help them fund this awesome project on Kickstarter!

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