Sony’s Latest Firmware Update For PlayStation 4…

We noted late last week that Sony was prepping its latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4, though the publisher didn’t note what features we could expect from the latest update. However, a few reports around the web have indicated that we could be in for one of the biggest updates for the console to date – yes, even the one that enabled you to use external storage.

Reports are indicating that Sony could be adding the following features to the firmware update, though it still doesn’t have a release date:

  • PS One Classics compatibility
  • The ability to take game demos and trials from your library by hiding them
  • Wish list enabled in the PlayStation Store
  • Increasing the maximum number of players in a PSN online party
  • Being able to change the PSN ID

Now, Sony has not confirmed any of these, so take these with a grain of salt, but let’s talk about why each of these features is vital to PlayStation 4 owners…

Sony has proven that there’s an interest in classic games on the PlayStation 4, as a number of PS2 games have come out, and other games, like Patapon and Parappa the Rapper, have gotten the remastered treatment. So enabling PS One Classics for the system would be a big move, and also give Sony the opportunity to cash in on games like Spyro the Dragon trilogy, the earlier Crash Bandicoot games, Jet Moto, WipEout, Twisted Metal and so many others. We’re unsure how the pricing could be set up, or if the games would be remastered in 1080p in any way, but, yeah, we’d totally be down for playing PS1 classics again – and maybe unlocking a few Trophies for our trouble.


Sony’s Latest Firmware Update For PlayStation 4… Could Be One Of Its Biggest Yet

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