Why Rainbow Six: Siege Might Be The Next Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Whether it’s an intense strategic battle in ranked or a fun couple of rounds in casual, Rainbow Six: Siege has brought so much to the table when it comes to tactical shooters that it might very well dethrone (someday!?) the eSports legendary title CS:GO.

Ubisoft’s advanced strategic fps introduced a new approach to the genre by redefining what tactical realism meant in a shooter, back when it launched in 2015. The game’s heavy focus on teamwork and smart strategic approaches it what makes it so fun to play once you get past the steep learning curve.

The game’s popularity has been on the rise ever since it was promised a second year of DLC content (all of which is free) and it is climbing the charts for regular players and sales. It recently hit 20 million registered users just one and a half year after release. The third season for year 2 of the game’s free DLC is about to drop in September and it will bring three brand new operators (unique characters with their own abilities) to the already huge roster that was present.

Despite the bad reception at launch due to bugs and server problems (which are still largely present but the devs are actively putting out fixes and patches), the game did not immediately gain popularity but it is slowly rising as more and more players understand the complexity and unique nature of the game.

With high stakes every round, the ranked system is an exciting mode to team up with a squad and take part in a battle of wit and skill that will keep you on an adrenaline rush for hours on each play session. With endless strategies to counter defensive measures such as the bandit or mute charges with prevent breaching reinforcing walls, no two matches feel the same.

The game is constantly evolving and growing as the developers rolls out multiple patches (bug fixes, balancing issues) and the community finding new ways to use operators to effectively win matches. Although still in beta, the ranking system is a pretty solid one in Rainbow Six: Siege and provides (mostly) perfect opponents with respect to you and your squad’s rank. The game is due to get content till the end of this year and Ubisoft have much more planned for the future so there is a huge chance that the game will grow to be one of the leading titles in eSports in the future. There is also a pro league for the game that Ubisoft holds every year for the best teams to compete and win big!

The game still has a long way to go before it reaches the likes of Counter Strike: Global Offensive but with continuous content and an active community it is sure to get there someday. If you haven’t had the chance to play Rainbow Six: Siege yet, it is currently free for the weekend and discounted to 50% of the original price so it is the best time to get it.

Rainbow Six: Siege has experienced a revival which very few games do , and it’s steadily gaining popularity means it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a household name.

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Why Rainbow Six: Siege Might Be The Next Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Will it dethrone the eSports legendary title CS:GO?

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