Prove Your Mom Wrong By Actually Earning From Your Love Of Games.

As gamers, we’ve ALL had to put up with grief from our families. You know the drill; mom comes into your room, opens your curtains, and tells you you’re wasting your life. It’s a far too familiar occurrence, let us tell you. And, how do we fight off these objections? By claiming we’re going to become top game designers, of course. Just like that, your family can’t say a thing because every game is research for your future career. Okay, they’ll still say something. But, at least you have a foolproof plan to fall back on, and God damn you intend to make it work.

But, you’re well into your twenties now, and that game design career is as far away as ever. Because, like any budding artist, you’ve realized getting a career here is pretty tricky. You’ve also noticed that playing games for hours does not qualify you for the role. What’s more, your mom still moans about your gaming habits each time she sees you. And, yes, you do take along your latest portable console to family dinners. By now, you don’t even bother with the excuses, either. That ship has sailed, and you’ve accepted your fate as a waste of space gamer in your family’s eyes.

Tough call, man. But, we’re here to tell you that your career-based gaming dreams don’t have to be over. In truth, most of us opt for the ‘game designer’ fallback because it seems like the obvious choice. And, let’s be honest; what teen boy doesn’t dream of designing like Hironobu Sakaguchi? In truth, though, game design is one of the hardest routes you could go down. After all, you need the drawing and storytelling ability, as well as just being a badass gamer. And, like with many creative roles, success here often comes down to ‘being in the right time at the right place’.

So, it’s time to cast your gaming career net a little further by considering some more realistic ways to earn money. We’re going to level with you; you may not want to give up the day job just yet. But, these outlets could at least provide a little pocket money. Get them right, and you could meet real success later on. For now, even a small amount should be enough to get your family off your back. But, what are these magic options we speak of? Read on to find out.

Develop an app

There’s an app for everything nowadays, isn’t there? We know it, and we use apps on a daily basis, especially as gamers. Yet, there’s a good chance you’ve never even considered creating your own. But, why the heck not? This is like game design gone mini and is a fantastic way to branch into the arena. Admittedly, your little home designed app may not rake in millions. But, by asking your friends to spread the word, you could at least see a small income. This is especially the case if you offer paid for bonuses within the game. If you put time and effort into making this good, you could even break the big time and create a gaming community of your own. If dreams come true, a big company might even pick up your idea and want to work with you.

But, we’re getting carried away again. Before anything good can even remotely come of your app, you need to design it. If you know basic coding, this should be easy enough to manage. And, given that you’ve had dreams of game design since your early days, there’s every chance you do. You may even have a game idea or two on your backburner. And, that’s great. But, this is an option even if your dreams never went that far. Remember when we said there was an app for everything? Well, there are also apps to help you create an app. Options like AppyPie claim to ‘make app creation as easy as pie’. So, you know; why not give it a go? At the very least, your game app won’t go anywhere. But, there’s a chance you could at least see a small trickle of income from your efforts. And, if you follow that trickle, you may well reach a river of cash later down the line.

Earn through play itself

Oh, we’re teasing you now, aren’t we? THIS is the gaming holy grail. Earning cash through play? It does not get better than that. But, surely this goal is, like, rubbish or something? If you could gain through play, wouldn’t all gamers do it? Yes, and no. In truth, you can earn through playing. Are you going to make millions? We’ll eat our hats if you do. But, there is some play for cash options online worth your attention. Perhaps most obviously are options like online poker sites. If you enjoy games of risk and patience, these could be the dream option for you. And, the possibilities don’t end there. Options like Second Life also have earning capabilities. Rumors abound that individuals like Anshe Chung earnt millions this way. Here, you can sell anything from real estate to clothes, all for real cash, from the comfort of the gaming world. You could even make use of services like Swagbucks. These pay you to do what you usually would online, including gaming. While this is by no means a steady income, the Swagbucks you earn can go towards Amazon vouchers or real cash in your Paypal account. Take that Mom and anyone else who ever doubted you could make this work for you!

Write reviews

Now we’re onto the potential big earners. You’ve been playing games long enough to know how game reviews work. These individuals do their very best to let you know what they think of a game soon after release. They’re sometimes the most reliable sources about glitches and other issues. And, by this stage in life, there’s every chance you already follow certain reviewers like their word is gospel. Yet, a shocking amount of us never considers following this as a career path. Are you stupid, or what?

Okay, we’ll let you off. In the past, reviewing did mean sending off to big gaming magazines. Then, the chances of publication were slim. It was certainly unlikely you’d see any real profit. But, times are a-changin’, and the net has changed the face of game reviews for all time. Now, near enough anyone can start reviewing at the click of a button. And, given that you’ve already read so many reviews in your life, there’s a chance you’d be good at this. Get enough of a following, and you could start receiving monetary compensation or at least review copies of games.

Film yourself playing


Don’t forget, either, that YouTube gamers are big business these days. Individuals like Jacksepticeye pull an astounding 19 million subscribers. And, it’s thought the guy has a net worth of $9.1 million. Talk about a paycheck. Realistically, that may never happen for you. But, gaining even a few thousand subscribers would open you to the YouTube Adsense program. This could form a nice earning sideline for you. What’s more, you also stand to receive paid promotions and free games this way. So, you can save at the same time. And, it’s as simple as turning on a camera when you turn on your Xbox. Your family won’t be able to shout at you for gaming again, especially when that little red record light is on.

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Prove Your Mom Wrong By Actually Earning From Your Love Of Games.

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