Promising Immersive Sci-Fi Multiplayer Game Unearthed currently listed on IndieGoGo Check the Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer here

The VGVIDS team caught their eyes on Unearthed, an immersive sci-fi multiplayer game with a mysterious open world to explore. It features a strong blend of survival and adventure elements. Unearthed offers : – Online play on persistent international servers (including South Africa). – A blend of PVP/PVE – A continuous and progressive story line – Server-wide events – Dynamic environments with reactive flora and fauna. – A level-less, classless system tailored to suit various play styles. – In-depth and complex crafting and trade.

The game is currently  in development by South African based indie studio, Mad Matter Creative. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Unearthed will run on Windows Desktop PC’s and Linux with consoles a possibility as a stretch goal. The goal of the crowdfunding is to provide enough funds, to expand the team in order to shape Unearthed into the game it is meant to be.

If you like to support the developer, please have a look on their crowdfunding page.

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