How To Practice Your Critical Thinking Skills For Video Gaming

We’ve all been there. An intense game of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite or PUBG, perhaps a game of CS:GO or Rocket League is our vice. All of these games require critical thinking skills, fast reaction times, the ability to try and discern our course of action with only seconds to spare. It’s not hard to see how an effort like this can make us feel a little tired, or how it might make us frustrated to continually head against people with better skills than use.

Practicing your critical thinking skills for video gaming can help you get the competitive edge, helping your ranked multiplayer level raise with ease.

But how can you do this?


Calculation & Risk

It can really pay to consider the practical skills that help you make on the fly decisions regarding each video game. Studying odds, calculating between potential outcomes, and having the courage to take risks all sound like virtues that would serve you interfacing with online casinos, but they also mean plenty for an online gaming environment. This could be the difference between deciding what path to take, how many enemies to aggravate at once, or what decisions about your in-game equipment you should make on the fly. Having a calculative mind such as this, via practicing games of chance or perhaps mathematical exercises, could help you function cognitively better than you might have done.


Of course, even in gaming, to get good you have to try and work at it. For example, let’s say you’re playing competitive Siege. You will need to know maps and certain strategies for success. You’ll need to know how certain character classes can counter others, and what characters may work together efficiently when on the same team. Conducting research such as this, through online tutorials or trial and error can help you build a larger awareness when you’re in game. If time spent sweating in training reduces bleeding in battle, the video game equivalent could be that time researching and practicing your skills with the peripherals you use could prevent you from sitting out of the round due to a mistake that let to an in-game death or loss.


Communication is essential to foster, particularly in team games. Learning how to communicate your position or your strategy in a matter of seconds, using clear and concise language to do so, and listening to others can help your team function more appropriately. For example, using terms such as ‘pushing,’ perhaps giving the bearings if using an in-game compass, or trying to describe what the enemy team has at their disposal can help inform your teammates of the situation and edge you ever closer to success.

While this advice may have seemed to make too much work out of video games, a hobby you largely take part in thanks to its ability to relax, you may misunderstand just how much fun a competitive and adequate team can have against people in their skill bracket. With these tips, you will know the joy for yourself. Good luck, and game on!

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How To Practice Your Critical Thinking Skills For Video Gaming

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