Player Won – These People Show How Big Money Can Be Made From Gaming

The gaming industry has taken on a life of its own in recent times and is now worth over $130b. However, the financial opportunities aren’t limited to the studios that create the games. Individual players can make serious money from their gaming passions. A number of high-profile cases show that this is the perfect time to get involved.  

Here are some of the biggest winners from the world of gaming. If they don’t inspire you to game on, nothing will.  


KSI is a YouTube sensation from England who has accumulated a net worth of well over $10m. The star has created clothing lines, music videos, and is the YouTube Boxing Champion having retained his belt versus Logan Paul. However, the journey from entertainer to entrepreneur started with making videos about FIFA. Even when he wasn’t particularly good.  

A number of other famous YouTubers have made their names (and millions) through streaming their video games. Whether it’s Minecraft, FIFA, or Fortnight, the most entertaining channels have helped players become rich. That’s not a bad way to enjoy gaming.  

FaZe Censor

Douglas Martin is a 24-year-old eSports star born in Long Island. Under his FaZe Censor alias, he has become one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, and boasts the bank balance to support it. As a professional Call of Duty, he has made millions through a combination of competition winnings and social media posts. He has since become involved with endorsements too.  

FaZe Censor certainly takes his career seriously. Earlier in 2018, he famously dumped the ‘world’s sexiest weather reporter’ to focus more on gaming, among other things. Still, the fact he attracted the woman in the first place shows that gamers aren’t merely stereotypical nerds.


Making money from being good at video games isn’t restricted to the latest titles. Drozdowsky set a new world record for the fastest speedrun of Super Mario 64 earlier this year, 22 years after the game’s initial release. In addition to the accolade itself, the gamer has made a lot of money on the back of the achievement, even if the direct earnings were nominal.  

Media appearances within the gaming industry are on offer to players that complete world record speed runs in many titles. While the earnings aren’t as monumental as some of the other gamers achieve, it’s still a noticeable reward for being a better gamer than most.  

Alvan Zheng

Online poker is a very specific type of gaming, but it can be very rewarding. Alvan Zheng is proof of that as the Red Dragon has walked away with millions thanks to his online gaming exploits. However, it is worth noting that his fortune is supplemented by offline tournaments at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. Nevertheless, the link between the two is incredibly strong.  

Still, online gaming is a particularly efficient way for poker players and other gamers to win big. Platforms like M88 make it possible while GamerSaloon is ideal for those wanting an eSports type vibe. Either way, the potential to make serious money cannot be ignored.

What’s Good Games

The trio of female gamers from California were quite late to the party and have only been going for a year or two. However, their podcast has attracted thousands of fans. Sponsorship and adverts have enabled the three hosts to turn the venture into a genuine business. Better still, they make their money while discussing the stories with truly inspirational faces.  

Podcasting and video games go hand in hand. From casual gamers to hardcore players, everyone has time to listen to a podcast show on their way to work or while completing house chores. This easy to digest media is an ideal way to stay in touch with the industry. No wonder it’s so popular.  


Like many of the people mentioned here, PewDiePie is a gamer that earns primarily through YouTube. As one of the world’s biggest YouTube stars, he is an icon that has earned millions and even appeared in South Park. It is another example of how gaming can transcend the industry to become a part of the mainstream. After all, this form of entertainment is bigger than music and film.  

The Scandinavian has branched out to create videos on a range of subject, but gaming remains a central focus. Gaming has definitely changed the lives of everyone mentioned in this blog post. And there’s nothing to stop you from following a similar pathway. Gaming is glorious.

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Player Won – These People Show How Big Money Can Be Made From Gaming

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