Is It Possible For Gamers To Like The “Great” Outdoors?

The sun is pretty much shining everywhere on the Northern Hemisphere and that means we should all be thinking about putting down our games and tech and screens and whatnot and letting the sun touch our basement-pale skin. Wow. Did we really just say that?


The answer is: yes. We did.


But before you think we have gone completely bonkers and unsubscribe from our blog, we should point out that we’ve found some pretty epic tech that will make the supposedly “great” outdoors that much more bearable.

So, without further ado, here is the best of the best tech you can use while supplementing your Vitamin D pills with real-life sunshine (#gross).


  1. 3000 Lumen Projector

Okay, we’re going to start with a caveat here by saying there is no projector out there that makes gaming on an outdoor screen as flawless as indoors, but the Epson VS240 with 3000 lumens does a pretty grand job. Use it with your PS4, set it to HDR mode and play your favourite games in your backyard while laying back on an oversized bean bag with your son, an outdoor fridge plugged precariously into a line of extension leads and the smell of next door’s barbecue filling the air. Even the most sun-scared gamers, that’s got to sound pretty alluring.


  1. Droning On A Bit

If you are a parent gamer, then you’ve no doubt done a grand job of educating your youngster’s on a) how to game, b) the history of games and c) why classic games  will always be way more awesome than modern ones. However, you’ve probably fallen short when it comes to getting your kid to enjoy the outdoors (for obvious reasons). That said, we have the answer: drones. Everyone loves a drone and, using the expert knowledge of RC Hobby Review, you can pick the perfect one at the first time of asking and have your kid start flying around the block looking for this and that and passing secret coded notes to your gaming friends. Come on, admit it, that sounds cool.


  1. Mighty Mecano

Every gamer has dropped in and out of other nerdy activities and, chances are, this included playing with Meccano. Well, whether you have kids or not, how cool would it be to build a four-foot-tall robot that has the ability to mimic your child’s movements and respond to instructions hurled their way? That’s what we thought. Just so you know, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. We’re talking 1200 parts, a brain, LED eyes and no less than eight motors. This means it will take a long time to build, but that’s good for those needing a bit of sun. And, then, once you’re done, you can take the streets and teach it loads and loads of voice commands. Yes, it is compatible with iOS and Android apps, but the best and most enjoyable way to teach it is through direct manipulation.



Of course, if none of these take your fancy, you can always just take your Nintendo Switch outside. Simple.

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Is It Possible For Gamers To Like The “Great” Outdoors? We think it is with these great Gadgets!

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