Nintendo not Happy with Profits for First Mobile Game: Super Mario Run despite 200 Million Downloads!

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first foray into mobile games, was downloaded 200 million times, according to a recent earnings report. Let that sink in…. 200 million times…

But even with those astronomical numbers, Nintendo still isn’t pleased. Nintendo says the game has “not yet reached an acceptable profit point.”

The company doesn’t really provide any more specifics, but it sounds like Nintendo is trying to improve on it. “Our aim is for this application to be the definitive Mario application for smart devices,” the company says. “We have learned a lot in terms of game development and deployment that we want to take advantage of moving forward.”

Super Mario Run is free to download, but you have to cough up a one-time fee of $9.99 to unlock the whole game. No Shit Sherlock… it seems to us the problem is presented to you right here Nintendo!

As one N4G community member points out, “A one time $9.99 fee is not the problem imo. Just release a Mario game with normal controls (arrows, a, b) and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Touch controls are not the best, but I’m sure people wont mind if it is mario.”

Seems like a good idea. Nintendo, please take this in consideration:

  • Listen to your customer base
  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel
  • Sell it for a reasonable price depending on the platform you launch your product for
  • Gain back some respect from fans that feel f*ckd in the ass (without lube) everytime you make a business decision

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Nintendo not Happy with Profits for First Mobile Game: Super Mario Run despite 200 Million Downloads! No Shit Sherlock.... Maybe it has to Do with not Listening to your Customer Base?


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