Nintendo and Microsoft try to point out Sony’s ‘bad policy’ by releasing ‘Better Together’ trailer for Minecraft. Mario meets Halo.... or not.

We got a reminder during E3 that the PS4, unlike most other platforms on Earth, does not support crossplay between consoles. That means that if you have an Xbox One, and a friend of yours has a PS4, and you both want to play the same game together, you can’t. Of course, Sony with PS4 is market leader, so they don’t feel the urgency to allow cross play. Simply buy a Playstation 4.

The trailer above shows Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s attempt to make clear that their consoles do support cross play. I guess it’s a good development after the Xbox One ‘always online, only with Kinect’ launch debacle and Nintendo’s reputation of offering no online fun (Gamecube) or limited online possibilities (Wii).

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