Mindblowing list of Games that will Not be Released on Nintendo Switch.

With Assassin’s Creed: Origins skipping the Nintendo Switch, we decided to look into other games that are following suit, and find quite a few. Is this a new, troubling trend for the console?

It has recently been announced that the latest installment of the blockbuster Assassin’s Creed series, “Origins” will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. While this is a large blow to the console, there are a great deal more games that will not be making it onto the Switch. While there are plenty of indie and AAA titles that are in development currently that might make it onto the Nintendo Switch. A great deal of these do not seem to be taking Nintendo’s latest effort into consideration. Games like Anthem, Destiny 2, Elders Scrolls Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Long Dark (the list goes on) will most likely never make it onto the Nintendo Switch. There are even more games whose developers have been ambiguous about the possibility of their games being ported to the Switch. This article will take you through many of the games that will not make it to the Switch, and bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list.


Games Not Coming to the Nintendo Switch


The Witness

This open-world, 3d Puzzle game has received glistening reviews from IGN (10/10), Steam (9/10) and Google Play (5/5) and is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One, PC, and even iPad. If you look at the graphics and take into consideration there is no explosive combat as with other games, the Switch shouldn’t have a hard time running it. “Why then,” you ask “won’t it be coming to the Nintendo Switch?”.

Well, Johnathan Blow (creator of the game “Braid) has been extremely open about his approach to games, even going as far as to saying it is “anti-Nintendo”. He prefers to only provide the player with minimal cues and clues to help them on their journey through his games. Nintendo’s habit of providing such a plethora of them that the game could be played by a trained ape doesn’t strike a chord with Mr. Blow (tee hee hee, I said “blow”). He even shot down hopes and dreams in a recent tweet, saying, “We are not working on a port at this time”. Whilst this statement doesn’t exclude the game’s appearance on the Nintendo Switch, it does make it highly unlikely.


Resident Evil 7

This zombie-apocalypse has become a mainstay in console gaming since the launch of Resident Evil 1 back in 1996. This title sees you play as a new character “Ethan Winters” in a hunt for his wife after receiving a video from her three years after she went missing. Whilst these Survival-Horror games have featured on past Nintendo consoles (namely the Wii and Wii-U). And in fact, Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 are in the works for the Switch. Capcom have a major hurdle to overcome before being able to release this game onto the Nintendo Switch. That issue is the quantity of RAM (Random Access Memory) in the console. They would need to effectively rewrite the engine the game is built on to work at two different levels of resources to make it suitable for mobile play on the Nintendo Switch.

At a recent “Game Creators Conference” the director of Capcom Masaru Ijuin and Nintendo’s Masaru Mitsuyoshi discussed these issues. While the game has not been confirmed, it would suggest that there would be a considerable delay before you ever get to go blasting zombies away on Switch.


Titanfall 2

When he was asked, Mohammed Alavi was extremely clear in his response: “Fuck no! No, you’re not going to be able to fit Titanfall 2 on the Nintendo Switch”. This seems to be a trend amongst the AAA developers. Particularly when you consider that most AAA titles require serious hardware to be able to run even at 60fps. There will always be an issue with the capability of the components that make up the Nintendo Switch. Taking into account it’s custom Nvidia chip, there just isn’t the SPACE in the console to put all the required hardware.

It would appear that the developers have listened to the community for the original. They have included a proper single-player campaign this time around and it was highly applauded. You’ll fight through a massive war and use an array of Titans and weaponry. This opens a whole load of doors for people wanting to experience this fast-paced, explosive, adrenaline-fuelled game. Mario fans need not apply.


Mass effect: Andromeda

Mark Gamble has not eliminated the possibility of the game being ported to the Nintendo Switch in an interview with Twinfinite. He stated quite explicitly “We are not planning on it”. He went on to explain that “If the [Nintendo] Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect Andromeda, who knows. We never want to close doors like that”. So it is possible if there is a public outcry or a petition or some other pressure applied, that Andromeda might come to the Switch. I sincerely doubt that it will happen though, given the slating that Bioware got for the incredibly poor quality of the game.

This game had so much potential to be absolutely incredible. It’s a shame really that the multiplayer is boring and one dimensional. Combine this with the confirmation the development team was absorbed into EA Motive doesn’t bode well for the game.


A Plague Tale: Innocence

This recently announced game looks like it has a lot of promise. Taking place in 1349 during a massive plague (hense the title) and it follows two orphans being chansed by the Spanish Inquisition. They must use the rats to their advantage to get away, while also preventing getting eaten themselves. It looks quite interesting, and rather terrifying, especially if you dislike rats.

In a recent interview with Gamingbolt, the developer outright said, “No. I will not lie by just saying… power. It’s really the power of the device. In this case, it was the amount of rats we need to display. We already know that there’s too many rats, too many animations, too many AI at the same time.” Sorry folks, but this seems to be a common denominator behind the reasoning many games won’t be making it to the system.


DiRT 4

Senior Games Designer, Darren Hayward released a statement regarding the reasons that DiRT 4 will not be available on the Nintendo Switch. He has said “Obviously DiRT 4 is not coming to the Switch. We’d already picked out platforms [at the start of development]. We’ve nothing to announce right now, I wouldn’t rule it out”. This statement is one of the most positive thus far. It seems to whisper that they are considering the Switch but they are still holding their cards close. There is a lot of potential for this to make a move to the Nintendo Switch, likely in a different form though the way Fifa 18 is getting toned down.

There may even be a whole market waiting out there. The only issue I can forsee with it would be that it’s a really serious game. There are settings to corner for you and brake for you so you literally need to just hold the accelerator (or gas if you’re from that side of the pond) down. This serves to make the game a whole load more accessible, particularly to the young and severely disabled. It’s nice to see developers increasingly introducing ultra-LOW difficulties for the aforementioned groups of people.

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Mindblowing list of Games that will Not be Released on Nintendo Switch. A Troubling Trend starts to show. Same story as the WiiU?

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