Maneater’s New Trailer at E3 2018 Presents a Shark’s Delight. Watch the killer sea creatures trailer here on VGVIDS

You may have logged several hours into the likes of Subnautica or Depth, but after all that time, haven’t you ever thought to yourself “Man, why can’t I ever get to play as the killer sea creatures in games like this?” Well, Tripwire Interactive have answered your call with their first ever foray into publishing thanks to Maneater, an open-world shark simulation RPG from Canadian developers Blindside. The latest trailer for the game was revealed during the 2018 PC Gaming Show, and so far it does indeed look like a blast.

Set in the Gulf Coast, the game sees you playing as a killer shark with the goal of hunting whatever prey you can find, either under the sea or above it (mainly above, because that clearly seems like more fun). Along the way, you will build up your shark by gaining new abilities, and yes, as mentioned during the show, there will be shark skill trees. No release date has been announced yet, but expect Maneater on the PC in the future, followed by several Hall and Oates jokes.


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