Should You Join The Online Gaming Revolution?

Games have provided us with entertainment since time began. Although games have been around for centuries, the way we play games has undoubtedly changed over the years. From traditional board games and fun activities that thrilled us for hours in the school playground to interactive online games, video games and even virtual reality, the world in which we live and play has changed. Today, we spend more time than ever online, but do you ever look up online games when you’ve got time to kill? If you’re unsure whether to join the online gaming revolution or stick to more traditional platforms, you may find this guide interesting.

Online gaming: a brief history

Online gaming burst onto the scene in the 1990’s, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that players had instant access to platforms and sites that provide seamless entertainment and the opportunity to link up with others, compete and try a host of different games at the touch of a button. Nowadays, all you need to battle or delve into the latest sporting markets is an Internet connection. In an age where everyone is connected and signal black spots are virtually obsolete, it’s possible to play almost anywhere you go. The speed of gaming has increased, player numbers are rising year on year, and the range of options available to those looking to get online is diversifying all the time. Modern platforms have ironed out many of the major issues faced by those who played multiplayer games in the early days. Server issues are rare and the whole experience is much slicker and more efficient.

The popularity of online gaming

The world has changed immeasurably in the last few decades. It wasn’t that long ago that it was rare to stumble across people who had a basic mobile phone, let alone a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone in their technological arsenal. Today, you can’t move for phones. Everywhere you go, people are either sat in silence watching videos, listening to music, playing games or surfing through social media feeds, or they’re using phones to take photos or film what’s going on around them. Mobile technology has undoubtedly revolutionized gaming. You can now access hundreds of different games wherever you are in the world. Online networks give you access to opponents even when you’re home alone, and there’s a huge range of titles to choose from. You can stick to the games you play on your PC or your console, or you can dip a toe into the waters of online games that are based on casino favorites or even try your hand at calling the winner of the next live horse race. Whatever your interests and intentions, you’ll find something to float your boat.

Why is online gaming so popular?

Research suggests that around 1.2 billion people play games online. There are multiple reasons why online gaming has become so popular.  


Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, the online gaming world is open to you. There are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t necessarily refer to themselves as gamers, but they enjoy the odd game from time to time. When you’re never too far from a wifi connection or you’ve got 4G access on tap, you can come and go as you please, starting new games, trying new things or starting where you left off. It takes seconds to fire up a game and start building an empire, watching a match or fighting off zombie intruders from a far-flung galaxy.

Value for money

The entertainment industry is incredibly valuable. Sometimes, to keep ourselves entertained, we have to spend money, but with online gaming, this isn’t the case. You can play free games, you can try and win money, and you can use the Internet to find the best offers. If you’re interested in sports, for example, companies like KRUZEY PTY LTD can help you compare prices and identify offers that are most relevant to your interests and the kinds of markets you want to access. You can spend money to try and win more or you can stick to platforms and sites that provide free games with no pressure to deposit a bean. If you’ve got time to spare and you’re on a budget, online games are a cheap and easy way to while away the hours.


Whether you’re a regular gamer or you’re a novice entering this mysterious world for the first time, there’s no doubt that gamers feel a sense of community. With online gaming, you can try and beat the odds or the clock, but you can also take on other people and join forums or groups. You can gain access to a pool of like-minded people who are keen to interact with you. Even if you’re alone and you struggle to socialize on a daily basis, the gaming universe gives you a platform to converse with and challenge others and to build virtual friendships, which may also survive in the real world. If you struggle to get out and about, online gaming could help to prevent loneliness and isolation.

Range of games

If you type the words ‘online games’ into a search engine, you’ll be greeted with pages and pages of results. The number of games that are available to online players is increasing all the time, and the choice is increasingly diverse. Gone are the days when everybody played one of three titles. Now, you can choose between modern versions of casino classics, PC based games that attract millions, sports-themed games and arcade favorites. Whatever your interests, you’ll find a host of titles that appeal.


When online gaming was a new concept, it was common for players to experience technical hitches and to endure fragmented sessions. Now, the process is more streamlined, disruptions are becoming more rare, and you can access games that are high-quality and well put-together. 

If you thought online games were reserved for dedicated gamers, think again! Online gaming is accessible to all, and trends indicate that this is a world more and more people are keen to explore. Next time you’re stuck for ideas to keep yourself entertained, why not join the online gaming revolution?

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Should You Join The Online Gaming Revolution?

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