Heavy… The Tech That Back To The Future 2 Got Right!

While 2015 is firmly in the past, Back To The Future 2, set in Hill Valley in the far, distant future of… 2015, showed the kids of the 80s a grandiose version of the future, complete with flying cars. And as we now know, flying cars aren’t coming round just yet, we are still struggling with the electric car, but Back To The Future 2, for all its mistakes about what the future has in store, made a lot of correct technological predictions. So which ones did they get right?


3D Movies

Not only did they get this right in spades, but they also predicted the fact that 18 sequels to a movie is the way to go! And sure, this is a little bit of a stretch, but when you consider the amount of Saw movies there are, and adding up the grand total of the Marvel Comics universe, they hit the nail on the head. And while we’ve yet to see a movie directed by Max Spielberg, we’re just going to have to make do with his father giving us 80s pop culture references in abundance through the guise of Ready Player One.



While this is a bit of a stretch, hoverboards are used quite a bit nowadays, but you’ve got to use your imagination! You can look online to learn more about the types of hoverboards out there, but, unfortunately they don’t levitate off the ground. But as a way to get around, hoverboards are quick and easy, and cheap. Just don’t try to hover over the water like Marty McFly. You will get wet much quicker than he did!


Video Calls

Back when Back To The Future 2 came out, the notion of video calls or video conferencing really was futuristic. But, who hasn’t chatted on iChat, Skype, or Chatroulette? On top of this, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, etc., they’re all part of the technological fabric and the mobile devices have gone one further than the films prediction that we would use video calls on a big screen in our living room. While the big companies have gone much further in capabilities, Back To The Future 2 got there first.

Wireless Video Games

In the movie, a young Elijah Wood tells Marty McFly that games where you use your hands is like a “baby’s toy.” In fact, retro gaming is very much in demand, as we seen with the various emulators for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Kinect a part of the video game fabric now. So while Elijah Wood got it wrong, the handheld game explosion was predicted back in 1989!

 As far as tech is concerned, Back To The Future 2 seems to have pointed the way for a lot of what we use now! What do you think 2055 will bring us?

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Heavy… The Tech That Back To The Future 2 Got Right! How good are you in Predicting Future Tech?

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