Glorious Gaming: How Can You Make The Experience Even Better?

Gaming is already pretty great, but what if there were ways to make it even better? If you’re a keen gamer, here are some ideas for improving your setup and overall experience.


Gaming is of course very visual, and so a high quality HD screen is always going to improve the experience. A larger screen tends to have more impact, curved models can have a high impact but it’s all personal preference. Do your research, find a model which offers great colour and contrast. It can be worth going into a store and physically checking out how it looks and performs rather than buying blind from reviews. It’s a personal thing, so while reviews will help, you really need to see it with your own eyes.


As well as the visuals, the sound is also incredibly important when it comes to gaming. High quality speakers will most definitely add to the experience, these are worth the investment for your home in general as well as your gaming. Great speaker will allow you to enjoy music as well as movies. Products such as sound bars are a great choice as they give the feel of surround sound but without having lots of speakers cluttering up the room. Many are now integrated with smart home technology so can be controlled with your voice. For those late night gaming sessions, you’ll need a pair of noise cancelling headphones, giving you the full experience but without waking up the rest of the house!


Gaming tends to mean sitting in one spot for prolonged periods, and so you need a seat that’s comfortable. Gaming chairs are one option, if you’re a PC gamer you’ll want to ensure that your computer chair provides you with enough support. For console gaming, you could go with an armchair or sofa- if your setup is in a gaming room (rather than your living room) you could choose a piece solely for comfort rather than looks! If you often have friends over to enjoy gaming with you, having enough space for people to sit is important. Figure out ways of laying out the room, and seat solutions for your guests.

Don’t overdo it

Finally, we all know gaming can be addictive. It’s designed to be this way! It’s fun and helps us to disconnect from our stressful lives for a while which can be a great, but it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. Gaming addiction, or even injuries such as gamer’s thumb can come about when we’re spending too much time online. Not to mention gaming is sedentary, meaning we’re not up and moving about for hours at a time. We all enjoy a good gaming marathon now and again, but try not to overdo it. You shouldn’t be prioritising it over sleep, socialising in person or other important things. Chances are, you’ll enjoy the time you do spend gaming more if it’s not something you’re doing constantly!

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Glorious Gaming: How Can You Make The Experience Even Better?

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