Games and Apps That Boost Creativity

Gaming has a reputation for entertainment and escapism. Some have even argued that excessive gaming reduces a persons intelligence and emotional capacity towards violence. However, recently there has been a crucial evolution in the role of gaming– to boost gamers’ creativity, business mindset and decision making skills. 

Aside from entertainment purposes, playing certain games helps to improve creativity. With the rise of accessible programming around creating new games from home– for every 10 new gaming apps created, around 6 are likely to be targeted at improving the gamer’s creative mind. Showing that there is a huge demand for games that aid creativity.

Let’s explore some of those apps and games, and look at how they are designed to boost the mind of the gamer. 


As one of the most popular gaming apps for improving on creativity with over 100,000,000 registered users worldwide, Minecraft hits the top spot.
From finding the best Minecraft 1.14 seeds to boost gameplay to learning hacks to create the best structures, Minecraft calls for creativity to create humongous structures and tools to enhance playtime for the game player. It even has a creative mode to unlock, meaning that there is no limit for the player’s creative flow when it comes to making their own fun. 

Brain Training Games 

In addition to playing games for escapism, there are many brain training apps and games available to boost the mind of the player- be it to increase the player’s IQ, concentration and focus, these games are designed to spark parts of the brain that would not be touched by playing other games typical to gamers. 

In playing games like this, players are expected to use high-level skills in analysis, identification and logic, set to improve with consistent use of the game. There is also an attractive element of competition with oneself as you work your way through different levels.
Using these skills and improving on them consistently is bound to help to increase a gamer’s creativity over time. 

The Sims

The Sims is the little sister game of Sim City, which was created in 1989. The Sims, which is now arguably more popular than Sim City, encourages creativity from creating characters to building houses and creating stories for each of those characters. With many different expansion packs available, far from the original released in 2000, the game is probably one of the most absorbing games around, with many opportunities to tell a story. 

Creativity is what makes this game what it is-infinite opportunities to creative (or end..!!) life and a story with the opportunity to play God and intertwine the lives of one character with another until a community is built.


As far as language learning apps go, Duolingo is one of the best. It has a wide range of languages available to learn, as well as hosting another opportunity to learn through competition. Language skills, reading, translating and learning how to correctly pronounce words are a brilliant way to ensure that you have enough vocabulary to make your way around a new city on vacation, too. 

Having the capacity to learn a new language boosts creativity, and playing a game in order to do that? A winner in anybody’s eyes. 


Far from being the boardgame whose lettered tiles are now a Pinterest favourite for craft projects, there are apps to play our old favorites on handheld devices now. How it boosts creativity? Well, it’s a word game, and the app version is played against a computer, which gives you hints and definitions of new words, which aids creativity and language development. 

Garage Band 

This is a bit of a bonus- and yes, while traditionally it is only available on i0S products, usually- the days of needing a Mac or Macbook are far behind. The power to become a top-10 music producer lives in your iPhone, iPad or iPod- allowing you to recreate well-known hits or even make up your own. 

Garage Band is unique because it also allows the user to learn how to play piano- the ultimate way to improve on your creativity!  

Spending your days and hours playing games does not have to mean that you have to ruin your brain. As you can see above, many games are designed to boost the area of your brain that enhances creativity- from building to writing and learning–there are many ways to improve on your creativity through gameplay. What other games do you know of that are educational as well as fun? Comment below to let us know. 

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Games and Apps That Boost Creativity

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