The Future of Gaming with Virtual Reality.

Several years back, virtual reality was a pretty niche thing. But nowadays, there are so many industries that use it, from healthcare to recreation, it can no longer be classed as a niche thing. Virtual reality is something that is evolving quickly. And as gaming, social aspects, and technology and its advances all come together, it will be able to transform what we can do on a daily basis, as well as give us new experiences. But one aspect of the development is that it will change the face of gaming. If you’re curious to know more about what VR is and how it can change gaming, read on.

Virtual reality is where you are immersed in an experience that is unlike what you experience in the real world. Smells, sounds, sights, and experiences can all be different in a VR world. Which is why you can see it enhancing gaming. It doesn’t just show you something on a screen, but it allows you to really be part of the scene and experience what you are seeing. So for gaming, it can make the experience really immersive and quite exhilarating. But even from a non-gaming perspective, it could take anything from gambling games on, to learning experiences for children, and bring them to life. For example, if our children want to learn about dinosaurs or archaeology, then being in an environment where they and see dinosaurs walking around, or being in an environment where they can hunt for fossils, can make their learning even greater. Or what do you think about solving murders and playing detective? L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, is a truncated version of the police game that does not just improve the relatively weak gun play and driving aspects, but it is one of the best VR games on PC.

Flat-screen gaming can also be fun and really enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. But with VR, you can turn up the pace and the energy as you can feel like you are there and taking part. It can even give an element of you being there, making it feel like you have responsibility in what is happening. Making gaming feel like a completely new thing. The thought of which is really exciting and something to look forward to.

One intriguing aspect of virtual reality is that it has the potential to create social experiences as part of the game. It could be like a puzzle, for example, where you have a say in what goes where, talking and signaling to others in the game what needs to happen. While this social aspect or collaborating isn’t anything new, there are some industries that do the remote experience all of the time (healthcare and space discovery as two instances). However, for gaming, it is something new. If there are different users of the game with different aspects or information, then it can make the game unlike anything else.

The people don’t have to be involved remotely either. Rob Morgan from talks about how they could be people in the same room as you. Making this aspect of gaming a completely new social experience.

What are you looking forward to in gaming or in the virtual reality industry? It would be great to hear what you think.

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The Future of Gaming with Virtual Reality. Why is it fun and where will it go?

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