Farming Simulator Still Going Strong, FS 19 Sells A Million Copies This Year! Simulator-style series of games won’t be disappearing anytime soon

As unsurprising it’s now come to find a series like Farming Simulator still releasing on an annual basis, what may surprise some is how engrossed — and more importantly, how significant — the number its dedicated community and fanbase have become. And if today’s news is any indication, Farming Simulator 19 is more proof that the Simulator-style series of games won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Publisher Focus Home Interactive announced today that in a mere ten days, Farming Simulator 19 has managed to sell a million copies — becoming the fastest-selling title to reach that milestone in the entire series.

Developed by GIANTS Software, while this year’s release wasn’t exactly lauded or otherwise praised to lofty heights, nevertheless it’s still a noteworthy accomplishment — especially given the game’s release mid-November saw it competing with the likes of big-hitters like Battlefield V and both Pokemon: Let’s Go iterations. Farming Simulator 19 is available across PS4, Xbox One & PC.


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