The Family That Plays Together Stays Together: Keeping It Fun In Your Home.

It’s no secret that we live in a digital age, full of screens, and each member of your household will have their preferred entertainment option of choice. There’s nothing wrong with having your own space and time to do exactly what you feel like. However, too much time apart, and a constant dispersed and separate family with soon start to crack.

The VGVIDS team is a big fan of couch multiplayer games. You can wake us up in the middle of the night for some Mario Kart!

Besides multiplayer games, it’s crucial for a strong family unit, that you spend enough quality time in one another’s company. If you’re all into games and gaming, great; all the more reason to gather around and have some fun during your free time.

It can be a challenge to gather troops sometimes, so it’s worth sitting down together and working out a plan or schedule so that everyone has something to refer to, and won’t forget when it’s family time. So, your first family activity should involve a large sheet of paper and some pens, or perhaps you’re a techy crew and feel more comfortable gathered around a computer and an Adobe program. Writes out your week an plan some hours of fun; discuss what you’re going to do, even if the changes are simple, it’s worth having everything written down to avoid dispute. The following are some ideas and inspiration for families who want to enjoy more team time together instead of heading off in different directions when they arrive home.


Different Activity, Same Location

Sometimes you will all have very different agendas and things you want or need to do and achieve in the evening or at weekends. This doesn’t mean that you all have to be in a different room to get on with it; you can still enjoy being near each other in a space, and go about your chosen activities. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that your living space is set up so that there is enough surface area for people to enjoy tabletop games, work, and activities, and that it’s near some sift and cosy areas where people can sit on their phone or device and play mega millions or do some brain training. You’ll still be able to strike a conversation with each other and catch up so that you don’t feel distant from your loved ones.


Time Limits And Rules

If you are doing things separately in the same space, make sure that you put a time limit on how long for so that you can gather around and do something as a team. If everyone s on the same page regarding how long they have for their own activity; they can better plan their time so that family moments become part and parcel of everyday life. It might take some time to get used to the rules, especially if there are teenagers involved. However, the more you stick with them and enforce the time together, the more everyone will be on board with evenings of fun and memory-making. Incentives like snacks and pizza will also help encourage everyone to hang out more, so make your weekend a treat.

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The Family That Plays Together Stays Together: Keeping It Fun In Your Home. Co-op still on Top!

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