Explore an Ancient World: Riddle of the Sphinx: Awakening. Lost Tombs in HD!

It’s always nice for gamers to explore new or historical worlds. VG Team’s eye fell on Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening. Old World Studios announced the launch of the game and turned to Kickstarter to fund this epic Egyptian adventure.

Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening takes the player through the compelling archaeological ruins and history of ancient Egypt while uncovering age-old mysteries surrounding the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.  Players of all ages will have access to amazing life-like 3D environments in this larger than life archaeological adventure game.


Set within and around the ancient Egyptian monuments, Riddle of the Sphinx is backed by years of extensive research and painstaking recreation of the existing Giza Plateau, Great Sphinx, and Great Pyramid — one of the existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Major levels of the game involve exploring real-life archaeological finds, then taking those discoveries to the next level. Players assume their role as close friend and confidant of famous archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys as he excavates the site of the Sphinx. The tale begins as Sir Geoffreys realizes he has unwittingly unleashed an ancient curse while translating a key scroll. Sir Geoffreys dies, and the scroll mysteriously disappears. The player’s task is to locate the missing scroll, finish Sir Geoffrey’s translation, and solve the time-worn puzzle before . . . well, you can figure the rest out yourselves!


What took the ancient Egyptians half a million workers and decades of grueling manual labor to complete, Old World Studios originally completed in just under 6 years. But now, they are utilizing the latest in 3D rendering software to create absolutely stunning settings for the game’s epic storyline, bringing an even more realistic immersive experience to exploring the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, as well as the huge scope of historical discoveries including hidden corridors, lost tombs, and secret chambers that tie to a larger mystery… a riddle.
Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening is huge! It really just keeps opening up into more and more environments and an incredible amount of exploration:

  • Explore around and in the Great Sphinx.
  • Explore inside the Great Pyramid, including the existing Grand Gallery, King’s Chamber, and Queen’s Chamber.
  • The environments are exacting replicas of the real thing.
  • Over 50 million sq.ft. of detailed 3D environments.
  • Over 100,000 sq.ft. of exploration.

And the enhanced graphics of the game are much bigger, too. Down below the difference in size between the original 640×480 renderings vs the newly enhanced HD 1080p resolution.

We recommend you to take a look at their Kickstarter page. They can use your support in making Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening a success! With your help they can unearth the game development assets, re-render, and compile a new HD version for iPhone, iPad, Desktop and more platforms. VG Team endorses game developers that bring real value to gamers and the industry. Playable 3D replicas of ancient Egyptian monuments… how cool is that?

Check Here the Riddle of the Sphinx: Awakening Kickstarter Page.


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Explore an Ancient World: Riddle of the Sphinx: Awakening. Lost Tombs in HD! The Game was Created after almost Six Years of detailed Research, 3D Modeling, and Sculpting the perfect Egyptian Adventure.

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