ESports Vs Real Sports: Why The Former can Win

Once upon a time, no one in their right mind would speak about eSports and real sports in the same breath. Jocks would lash out at the mere suggestion that the two were similar. Gaming is just a way for geeks to pass the time, nothing more or less.

Well, we nerds know better than to agree with pumped up athletes. The online community is real and it’s here to stay. In fact, some might say it has designs on taking over as the true champion of the sporting world. Now that’s what I call the rise of the machines.

Here are four reasons its popularity might take it over the edge.


Granted, this isn’t the best way to start off a post championing eSports and gaming. However, there is an undeniable trend in obesity around the world. People are lazy and they’re getting more lethargic. Of course, people will blame it on Sony and Microsoft but the truth is that it is human nature. Most kids and adults would rather hit up for a comfy chair and sit in front of the TV. As a result, the public is turning from the dark side to the bright one. Getting off the sofa to exercise is too much hard work when you can do it with a Nintendo Wii.

“Niche” Audience

The term “niche” has air quotes because gaming is no longer an abstract experience. In days gone by, it was something for the marginally disillusioned for the marginally disillusioned. Kids and adults who didn’t fit into society could lose themselves in a video game and a digital community. The demographic is changing, and it is doing so rapidly. Today, everyone from a quintessential geek to the coolest cats in school is hooked. Be it traditional avenues such as a PlayStation or Candy Crush on iPhone, the masses are boarding the bandwagon.

Glitches Get Stitches

“Wreck-It Ralph” is a film about a glitch which is a pariah in her game. By the end of the movie, her weakness turns into her superpower and she transforms into a winner. As heartwarming as the story is, the truth is that bugs aren’t overly common in the gaming arena. Yes, there are glaring issues from time to time when the maps are huge and there is a lot of data. Sports video games are different because everything has to run smoothly. It’s not that there isn’t a referee; it’s that the ref is 99% infallible. Everyone loves a level playing field.

Upwards And Onwards

For those of you who aren’t aware of the links between gaming and success, then check out Apparently, one hour a day is the magic number. Why? It’s because there are plenty of life lessons in a 60-minute session. Think about all of the times you have played and been beaten and gotten right back on the horse. Failure is nothing but a set back in the virtual world. As people bring these values into the real world, gaming is bound to skyrocket.

Whose side are you on in the debate? Let us know in the comment section.

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ESports Vs Real Sports: Why The Former can Win

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