The Epic Rewards of Being A Hardcore Gamer

Don’t play video games; your eyes will go square. You need to spend less time on the PlayStation and more time exercising. An online community isn’t a real community. We’ve heard them all, right? The reasons not to be a gamer are wrapped up in a long list which parents, partners and friends like to preach from time to time. Apparently, it’s a waste of time blah, blah, blah.

No one ever mentions the good points, though, the pros of being a gamer. Oh yes, they exist regardless of the anti-gaming rhetoric coming in the other direction. Here are four counterpoints to memorize.

Your Memory Is Better

And you will be able to remember them because your memory is excellent. And, why is that? It’s because of the hours spent roaming the grounds of video games that left everything to the imagination. Having to search for things trains the brain to recall where said object is and how to obtain it. Even better, the good people on thinks gamers can remember faster, too. Non-gamers don’t get the same exposure to brain teasers unless they sit down with a crossroad or word puzzle. We all prefer the option which is better for the brain as well as fun.

You’re A Money-Maker

The ability to make money works in two ways. The first one is digital, where you use the game as means to unleash your entrepreneurial skill. Think of all of the times you have pushed drugs in a bid to stockpile the green. Immoral as it is, it’s a fantastic introduction to small business ownership. Take lessons from the game and put them into real life and your actual bank account will grow as large as the virtual one. The second thing relies on visiting Gamers have games they don’t need. Rather than letting them rust in closet, you can trade them in for a fair price. It’s all about the moolah, kids.

You’re Not Fat And Lazy

No, being a gamer doesn’t mean you sit inside all day and stew. Exercise is an important part of life, and gaming helps to ensure you get your fill. The Nintendo Wii has revolutionized the way geeks and nerds like us move around. Rather than pushing just the fingers, there is a level of whole body participation involved in these games. Then, there is the direct knock-on effect of falling in love with a sport. Some people watch Lebron live or on TV, whereas gamers do it via an Xbox. Either way, it isn’t a problem as long as it encourages participation.

You’re A Social Butterfly

Another stigma with gaming is a lack of social awareness. Gamers are oddballs and don’t understand how to mix. You should know by now that this isn’t true. Indeed, a video game is a fantastic way to boost social interaction thanks to online communities. Far from being the weird, unpopular kid, gamers often have a range of tight-knit bonds.

Do you look at your gaming obsession differently now than before?

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The Epic Rewards of Being A Hardcore Gamer

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