DOTA 2’s The International Grand Finals won by Team Liquid! $10.000.000: least some people can now effort the Xbox One X.

DOTA 2’s The International tournament has concluded and Team Liquid is the winner of the glory and $10,000,000.

Today the final two teams competed for a chance at their share of over 10 million dollars and the winner is Team Liquid.

The two teams who played in the grand final, Team Liquid and NewbeeCN, are comprised of some of the best Dota 2 players in the world. Team Liquid just beat out LGD Forever Young in the third game of their lower bracket match to clinch their seat at the grand final. And from the ashes, they rose to become the 2017

The grand final match were a best-of-five match in which drafting was as much of a battle as the actual games. Team Liquid will receive the largest split of the $22 million dollar prize pool, which comes to over $10 million. The second place team receives 16% of the total prize pool, and the third gets 10.5%. Overall, 18 teams take home winnings, but only Team Liquid was able to claim The Aegis, The International 7’s trophy.

Hundreds of thousands of fans watched the event and as they won the set, Team Liquid was met with a glorious display of pyrotechnics. You can check the finals out below.


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