The Current State of the Gaming Industry: Youtuber Art-Official Explains Why You Should Not Fall for the Digital Games Scam. Fuck EA.

We at VGVIDS follow Art-Official’s channel for a while now and appreciate his honoust, non- sugar coated opinions and views about the current state of the gaming industry. Electronic Arts fucked up badly with their microtransaction filled plans for Star Wars: Battefront 2. They received major backlash from the online gamers community and were summoned to change their money grabbing behaviour by Disney, the company that owns the rights to Star Wars. Well… Disney made EA stop at least for now. Microtransactions will find their way back in the game in a later stage is now the prediction.

However, EA and the Battlefront 2 debacle is of course not the beginning and the end of the problems we’ve seen arise over the past years concerning microtransactions, day 1 DLC, Season Passes and Loot Boxes. You can see a trend wherein games are going more towards multiplayer only experiences. And wherein buying extra in-game stuff makes you help to win matches against your fellow-gamers. It’s a bad development. But it is only the gaming community itself that is to blame for companies like EA and Activision to continue with these practises. They currently make more money on in-game purchases than on the games themselves. Let that sink in… Please check the video above and spread the message to your ignorant friends: Buying Digital Games, DLC, Season Passes and Loot Boxes will make your experience worse in the end.

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