Check the Resolution Comparison of Final Fantasy XV between PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X. Big Improvement for Xbox One X Title In Resolution is Shown. But where are the Xbox One (X) Exclusives?

Microsoft is of the opinion that the Xbox One X will be a game changer sales wise. Critics argue that Microsoft’s upgraded console only has a chance to beat Sony Playstation if new exclusives start to pour in. So far we see little on the horizon for Xbox fans. Will better looking non-exclusive titles do the trick for Microsoft? We are not convinced yet, but you can leave your comments down below to have your say! Now, let’s focus on Final Fantasy XV:

Final Fantasy XV has finally received a brand new update today that adds support for the Xbox One X. While the PS4 Pro enjoyed its fair share of enhancements compared to the regular PS4, the Xbox One was undoubtedly the weakest version for it offering a dynamic resolution that on its lowest rendered at 792p and at its peak, managed to hit 900p. This means that the Xbox One X is a massive improvement for those who own Final Fantasy XV on Xbox Live.

The jump from Xbox One to Xbox One X is perhaps one of the largest this generation as the game now appears to render at 2160 CB (checkerboard) resolution on the Xbox One X compared to the 1800p CB resolution on the PS4 Pro. It is unclear whether there are other visual enhancements aside from the jump in resolution but this is already a big upgrade for the OG Xbox One users.

The video above compares the game on the base Xbox One, Xbox One and the PS4 Pro version of the game and it is clear that the Xbox One X renders at a higher resolution than the PS4 Pro here.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and will be released in early 2018 for the PC.


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