Check the Hot Booth Babes of the Tokyo Game Show 2017.

One of the steel-clad traditions of Tokyo Game Show and most trade shows in Asia is the presence of of “booth companions.” They’re a veritable army of ladies who bring a touch of grace and beauty to almost all booths on the show floor.

While westerners might confuse them with the nearly extinct “booth babes” that used to appear at North American and European trade shows, the concept is very different, and radically based on the sacred Japanese tradition of hospitality.

In many cases booth companions aren’t there just to look good (albeit they certainly do look lovely), but they are perfectly trained to provide assistance to visitors, they can easily chat about the games on show, and they speak English better than most of the reps in suits and ties.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has always been at the forefront of this concept, and PlayStation’s booth companions are known to be absolutely impeccable. Of course, they are not the only ones.

If you spot the shemale you get bonus Tokens (only for users). Drop your thoughts in the comments section. But this is probably a difficult task, don’t get your hopes up!


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Check the Hot Booth Babes of the Tokyo Game Show 2017. Bonus points for the observer the can spot the Shemale!

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