Check the games announced for Playstation Plus for the month August.

Unfortunately Sony Playstation has decided to increase the Plus Subscription for PS4. But, fair to say, at the least the games for month August are a bit better than we got used to in recent months.

August is nearly upon us, meaning it’s almost time for a new selection of free games from Microsoft and Sony. The latter today revealed what games PlayStation Plus members will be able to download for free starting next week. As usual, there’s a total of six games divided evenly across PS4, PS3, and Vita.

PS4 owners get their hands on destruction-oriented open-world game Just Cause 3, as well as Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry. This is the standalone spinoff of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag where you play as Adéwalé, a slave-turned-Assassin. Free-to-play game Dreadnought launches into open beta on August 1, and Plus members will be able to pick up a free DLC pack for it starting on August 15.

On PS3, the games include Super Motherload and Snakeball. Those with a Vita can pick up Level 22 and the excellent Downwell, which also features Cross-Buy with PS4, getting PS4 owners a total of three games this month.

These games will be free to download for Plus members beginning next Tuesday, August 1. You can still pick up all of July’s free Plus games until then.

As an additional bonus over the next six weeks, Plus members in the US can rent select movies from the PlayStation Store for 99 cents each. The current title is The Lego Batman Movie; it will be followed by Logan, Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island, Boss Baby, and Ghost in the Shell.


  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry
  • Downwell
  • Just Cause 3


  • Snakeball
  • Super Motherload


  • Downwell
  • Level 22

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Check the games announced for Playstation Plus for the month August. Just Cause 3, Downwell, and more on the way soon.

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